Who Are you?
Hello, pleased to meet you I'm just your neighbourhood Indonesian blogger. Prefer to be called as Vheii as I thing that's cute and yes I love cute things

Who do you think you are?
A human girl-soon to be woman who live in Indonesia but actually crazy about Japan, proud Hong Kong and someone who have a very swinging mood plus super harsh no-manner, straight-forward just trying to be honest attitude?

What’s your major?
Fashion Design major. Study like a nerd and devoted like a wife, hah!

Height and weight?
151/48. Yes, I'm fat and trying to have a good diet but sadly food are way too tempting than the diet (ok, that's cliché)

Why you rarely update your blog?
Ok, this sounds cliché but, entering this major I have lots of work and it was crazy! lack of sleep and deadlines and besides, I'm still not good in time management. Actually another reason was I don't have a provider but rest assure this was solved, currently. . .

Are you always random?
Yes, I'm random to the point people said I'm weird

What do you like?
Many. Well, of course, beauty, fashion, art, Versailles (the band and the building), J-Pop especially the Johnny's to be more specific, Arashi and KAT-TUN, Koda Kumi, the mainstream K-Pop, classical music, literature, world history, all sort of tea especially macha/ocha, languages (how I wish I was fluent in english, mandarin, japanese, france, latin,korean, russian, cantonese), cute kawaii things/foods and many more. . . 

What's your actual hair colour?
Used to be those oh so shiny japanese doll black but then I coloured to dark brown then combination of brown and gold that even my lecturer don't know how to define my hair colour then I coloured it black again with gold undertone, then blue-ashy blue undertone that now it washed become some weird greenish colour :/ and since I LOVE colours so much I decided to buy wig!

Do you Cosplay?
Used to but not now. I decided to stop because of my campus activity. Again, I'm no good in time management that once I upset my friends O___O

What's your style in fashion?
For commercial or selling, I design womenswear ready-to-wear. I love professional and sweet look and usually I play in fabric rather than design. For myself, I still actually love classic and sweet lolita style