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April 04, 2019

Hi guys! do love being alone? for me, yes. I love it as much as I love books and movies. I feel that sitting, eating, working, and hit the movie alone or just being alone once in a while is a must. Being an introvert, its how I charge my energy. How about you guys?

Well, some time I need companionship but most of the time having a me time, being alone is some kind of luxury. Its something that I love and able to do it again just recently. Its the best part of my life where I just need to focus on myself. One of my favourite me time are Cafe Hopping. Lucky enough, now we have so many coffee shop available. For me, it always which not only with good wifi but beverages and ambience. I always prefer those with less people, smoothies bowl or healthy choice available and obviously good coffee (oh wait, I can't drink any caffeine at the moment though).

After hopping from one another I'm down to 4, around my neighbourhood area. Which, I often come back and forth because that's how much I like them. Do check them out and let me know your's :)

1. KOHICHA (@kohichacafe)

Address: Ruko Sentra Bisnis Artha Gading, Jl. Boulevard Artha Gading, Blok A6A No. 21, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta 14240
Business Hours: 8h – 22h 30m
Wifi: OK
Since I'm a tea over coffee person, my friend introduce this spot for me to try. The name itself caught my attention. When I first heard of it, "KOHICHA" I thought what was it, Kohi (coffee) with Cha (tea)? Combination of both?. Anyway, being curious enough, I search for it at Zomato like what I always do. Not only it has good review, the menu interest me with variety kind of coffee and tea. From the picture itself I got a hunch this place was good for some me-time. I was right. The interior, ambience itself was cozy enough for me preference. So does the food and drink. My favourite was their self made almond milk and if you're into tea, I bet this place is the best in the area. 

Address: Ruko Italian Walk, Blok I No. 6A, Mall of Indonesia, Jl. Boulevard Barat Raya, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta 14240
Business Hours: 7h – 21h 30m
Wifi: OK
Whenever I went to the nearby mall, its always Kahvenin that draw my attention, thanks to their beautifully made logo. Its my favourite place to hang-out at MOI (Mall of Indonesia). Not only the quiet ambience but what I like the most was their smoothies bowl. Honestly, It's kinda hard to find one without some frozen taste/feel. Their smoothies bowl was one of the best in Gading area. As for their coffee itself, goes well with any beverage. Not sure about the flavoured one since I'm no into it.  

3. BACK OFFICE BISTRO (@backofficebistro)

Address: Ruko Inkopal, Blok A No. 35, Jl Boulevard Barat, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta
Business Hours: 7h – 22h
Wifi: GOOD
Not quite sure who recommend it or where did I saw the ads. The location itself kinda hard to find if you're not familiar with Kelapa Gading area but its like a hidden gems. Place quite small but cozy. Perfect if you're a lonewolf. I don't recommend coming in groups of 5+. Among all the place that I've listed so far, I love everything about this place. The ambience, hygiene, service and food. My favourite food are their Poke Bowl, Smoothies Bowl and Homemade Brownies. Aside from Kahvenin, like always the most important part, they didn't serve kinda-frozen smoothies bowl. Their homemade brownies was the bomb!  

4. STARBUCKS BOULEVARD (@starbucksindonesia)

Address: Jl. Boulevard Barat Raya, Blok LC 6 No. 39, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta
Business Hours: 8h – 23h
Last but not least, probably just like anybody else, Starbucks made it to my list.  Different from the other in the nearby area, this one have its' own building which, made it looks private, cozy and less people unlike usual's. Oh, and they have the fastest internet connection than the one at the malls. I don't mention this on the other 4, but for SB, I always like their selection of music. Mostly were Jazz, Bossa Nova, and some Cafe BGM. As for the beverage itself I order their Caramel Stroopwafel or Vegan Chocolate Chips Cookie and between Americano or Ice Shaken Tea in Hibiscus. They're my top notch! Go try it if you haven't especially Vegan Chocolate Cookie.

Well, that's it my most recommend place especially if you live in North Jakarta. How about you guys? do drop me your's for me to try it out!


note: all picture belongs to the company's IG

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