Lesson After I Passed 25YO

January 24, 2019

Hi, lovely friend~
How are you? in this post, I'd like to share my thought of when I was 25yo. They said, when we almost reach and be in 25yo (or 1/4 of centuries?), Its the [Phase 1] of growing up. 

It'll be the most difficult time/year for young adult as we're face with chances and decision of how we want our life turn out into. Chasing dream, or start to be responsible of life. Follow your heart's passion or your logic, which is the reality. Scare or worry not, I'll share my thought and hopefully it'll be helpful for you.

What I learnt or been through was that,
1. Age is just a number. 
It don't, can't and will not define who you are, what you are, and or even control you. We always thought Age is the sign of being an adult, its a warning sign that you must do this instead of that, you're forbidden to feel or think of specific feeling you used to have. Its like growing up means, the reality is the new you. We met new people almost, younger and older one. We used to look up at the senior but apparently, they can make mistake. Growing up, aging, doesn't mean perfection. Yet, we always expect adult to be so great aren't we?  Our responsibility lead us to do things but it can't limit us. Its us who limit our self using age as the black sheep.  

2. Your body is your temple.
How we take care of your body, represent us. Be it from the inside or outside. In term of health, it means our metabolism decrease. Hard to lose weight, hormonal imbalance, and stress. It all depends on our lifestyle. What's outside mostly depends on the inside. For example, eat healthy, have good skin, stamina, or even mind. Meditate to clear your mind. When you're calm, you understand how to make decisions and present yourself.

3. Expand you horizon. 
Never limit yourself just because of your fear. Everyday is a lesson, something to be grateful of and you wouldn't want to miss it. Even in bad day, you can find something good. Erase 'bad day/decission' from your vocabulary. Be fearless. Nobody can limit you. Its ok to have a detour from your target. Its fun learning new skill, reading new book, meet new people. All human are inspiration to each other. I just learnt this recently, put it in a different angle 'Expand your comfort zone'.

4. You define yourself.
Not success, not by having lots of money, big salary, not by putting other's happiness over you. If you let the society or other to define you, you are not completely and sincerely happy. So what if they said you spent a lot, demand a lot, too egoist? as long as it make you happy in a positive way, then so be it. Only people who love themselves much enough, can love other properly. Be happy, be proud, of yourself. Don't look for recognition. Start defining or always think of something positive for like, 
- "I'm a blessing" 
- "I'm fearless"
- "I let go of what's not mine"
- "I choose love over fear"
- "It's ok, I'm alive, and I'm loved"
- etc . . .

5. No need to be in rush
I used to compare myself within my peer who's more successful and its the most toxic way ever. Everyone will eventually have the moment to shine and if it your's, it will be your's. The universe have its own unique way to guide us and I believe if we trust and do our best, it'll come. Don't be so pushy or in rush. What's not your will find its' way to escape you. If you haven't find your spark, just keep on doing your best. Nothing ever gone wrong in giving your best. Who knows you gonna find something even better? Maybe you can create your own best moment without waiting for it!

There're still lots of it but I learn the hardest from above list especially number five. Our first phase of becoming an adult is not scary at all if I look it from another angle and how I wish I could did this back then. I'm so thankful of it. Be fearless and always find good in life even the tiniest of it. Remember, erase the bad. Don't regret anything. It didn't worth your attention. What about your's? Feel free to share :D



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