A note to whom it matters, Myself.

January 07, 2019

Hi, lovely friend~
How's your 2018? I hope in everything that you did, it goes well for all of you.

At first, I'm gonna write my so called "thankful list for xx year" but then, recently I keep on thinking if you're so blessed, you won't need to count your blessing. Everyday is a blessing, every moment that you spend in gratitude is a blessing.

In one point of your life you'll force to face very painful moments that, chances are will change you life in a matter of minutes. And it always up to you how you want it to change you. These things will make you stronger, and smarter, for definitely. Next, you always have the option to be wiser and be someone you're or you're not. At least, that's how I felt. Do let me know yours'!

I learnt that 2018 was a lesson. I've been thrown to the lowest point of my life (and hopefully no more in the future). But, I manage to survive. I manage to live and continue my life. Most of all, I decide to change. I decide to learn from everybody. Everybody, everyone that you've met eventually will taught you and guide you to the next to person you gonna meet in a very unique way.   

Well, since as a social creature, human can't live alone anyway. In meaning, doesn't necessarily couple or spouse. Simply, a family and friend. Even an introvert need to socialize although we do like to be alone, at some time. What I learnt was, being an introvert didn't mean I scare of people, instead, I enjoy companionship in small and rather quiet circle instead of lively one. I appreciate talk over a cup of coffee, accompanied by good music at some cozy environment. 

I learnt to be selfish in 2018. Selfish to put myself as a priority, literally myself not the kind of me = to family. Happiness is not base on how people demand or define you. It comes when you accept and love yourself. Instead of keep on comparing and expecting things to be always perfect or should be, give gratitude to the universe for what it had done to you. When you're good, you attract good and even in bad situation you'll find the light. Choose kindness over being right. 

Lastly, I learn that the universe has its own way and we will be given when the time is right. Don't need to rush, doesn't mean you can slack off. Hard work betrays none especially when done in adequate amount of sincerity and passion. 

So, let us say thank you 2018 and cheers to 2019!

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