Pourie Lavender Body Scrub

August 09, 2018

The older I get I don't really have the effort to hang out or YOLOing instead, I'm dying to spent time with my family, watching TV, me time! Dear, what's more relaxing than having slice of strawberry cake while watching TV on my day off? Self Pampering! face mask, aromatheraphy, massage, sleep all day long, take a nice long bath clean all that dead dry skin with a good and relaxing Body Scrub. Hence, the older I get, too, I try to invest in good skincare preferably the natural or organic one. When I came across Pourie at Lakon Mall Kelapa Gading it didn't took me long to decide to buy one because of its' claim

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Our Calming and magical lavender body scrub will soothe away all of your skin tension whilst enriching the skin with vital minerals and moisture restoring oils for your softest skin yet. Blended with a potent cocktail of beautifying plant & seed oils to harmoniously repair, rebuild and feed the skin, this is our most nourishing scrub to encourage moisture & suppleness and is ideal for the driest of skin.

Organic Himalayan Salt, Sea Salt, Grapeseed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Dried Lavender, Vitamin E

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Love their concept, design, all of it! at first I thought this gonna be heave but, It comes in a simple plastic jar with metal lid, even better a seal to make sure it was new. At first Adequate quantity and all information are well written. The only down part that it didn't come with a spatula but not a big problem at all.

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Yes, yes, yes all those oil ingredient are my main reason to buy as I need to feed my super dry skin plus they use cane sugar as scrub, it melts, didn't cause me any irritation which I totally approve this. So in love with its texture but don't ask me for its' scent since I don't really like Lavender to begin with. Its not that I hate or despise it but it reminds me of mosquito's spray. But if you like Lavender scent I bet you gonna like this, it smells natural not artificial :).
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I totally gonna repurchase this because it does what it claims, moisture my skin and eliminate dry skin. The scrub was the main reason beside its' claim. Unlike any other scrub that I had try so far, this feels soft. For the price of IDR 135.000, it worth! If you're searching for some natural scrub for dry skin I'd recommend this! far more better than the supermarket one 

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+ price worth the result
+ delicate scrub 
+good packaging

- still hard to find offline



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