Laneige Firming Sleeping Mask

April 17, 2018

This blogpost been on my draft for like forever and so does for the other product. Even Laneige have renew their packaging and formula. Since its so good, screw it I will still make this post because (again) its so good and so does the new formula. I've been Laneige's fans because of their cushion and water sleeping mask!

I bought this when I was just graduated around 2014? simply because to make this chubby cheek firm, hoping I can have some V-Line.

 photo product info_zps6iivc7xx.png
An anti-aging sleeping mask that improves skin firmness and facial contours overnight for a more youthful-looking face. Laneige Firming Sleeping Pack has new technology called SleePOP (TM by AmorePacific). SleePOP contains polianthes tuberosa polysaccharide for a supple and resilient pack that hydrates the skin and works as filler with lowmolecular collagen peptides. In other words, it is firming by filling your wrinkle while you're sleeping. This new technology works like memory foam gelMemory foam gel is like latex, once you change its shape, it can turn back to the its original shape just like before the changes occur. 

 photo packaging_zpsugdvvkos.png

Just like its Water Sleeping Bank, comes in a sturdy beautiful blue jar and plastic spatula! the most important part in your mask's hygiene.I love how thoughtful Laneige on this part and one of my reason to love their mask beside the claim. The jar itself kinda heavy in my opinion and not for travel (that's why the have the travel size, lol). Product comes in creamy milk colour, really reminds me of pudding.
 photo swatches_zps4rqggo8u.png

As soon as you scope the product and apply it onto your skin it becomes transparent and moisturizing, or to make it clear so so so watery that you can feel its so hydrating. Its like 'putting' water on your face. Also there's a tiny wee bit of soothing feeling 

 photo texturescent_zps0fabgqmg.png

At first, I used to rarely apply this mask not only because of its expensive price but also the memory-foam-like texture. I find so intriguing and cute at the same time, when I scope the product it turns back to normal! of course it can run out but it gave the unlimited impression, lol. This jelly like mask didn't really give much annoying scent, a lil bit of perfume.
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Sadly, as for the firming claim, I haven't feel any yet even after I finished it, maybe since I used it only like once a week?  But I really recommend this sleeping for dry or even de-hyrated skin as I feel this mask give more hydration than the Water Sleeping Bank one. This is one of those expensive product that I dare to splurge. 

Repurchase? Yes do!

 photo verdict_zpspqo83rk8.png
+ soothing
+ hydrating
- can't feel the firming effect yet
- expensive but I'm willing to splurge for it!
- not for travel

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