Travel: Japan - Osaka

May 24, 2017

I stopped to post my Japan travel as I got lots of picture and bit selective of it. From places that I had travel, I took the most picture at Japan. Its like every corner of Japan was photo-worthy *___*

Before I forget all of it and the memory still there, here goes my Japan travelogue (read our first day in Kyoto here!). I've tried to scale it down and share my stories here. Hope you enjoy it ^^.

Thanks to Anggi, its the right decision to stay at Kyoto's LE9. Comfortable and friendly place and strategic location. Its very close to train station, bus and conbini. The staff ca speak fluent English too. If you came from Indonesia don't forget to give some indomie and kopi kapal api. Surprisingly the like it especially the Austalian Barista XD

Had onigiri and chestnut for breakfast along with Anggi's Kopi Kapal Api

Following our itinerary that day we will explore the rest of Kansai area such as Osaka and Kobe with Kansai Thru Pass. We bought the 3 day pass and I pretty much like it. Not only we can explore Kansai area but it comes with benefit such as free public bus ride, discount on public attraction. At first it was kinda hard to find where to buy as we thought it can be purchase inside Kyoto Station but apparently, near a small building outside the bus stop. The process was fast at around 10AM we made our way to Osaka by train, yay!

Its my first visit to Japan and I'm so all over it. I love it since its my dream travel destination and after I arrived I'm even more in love because of its tourist friendly environment. The traffic sign, the internet GPS and even if they don't speak fluent english but you can speak and understand a little bit of nihongo you can at least understand by their body language.

First destination; the infamous Osaka Castle (which I knew and always saw when I played Samurai Warriors). I played the games since junior high and been dreaming to go there. At last I step my foot there. Quite took some time from the station to the castle's core. Its really that spacious!

We managed to went up there and I can see the gold fish status closer. The golden fish or Shachihoko is a mythical creature with dragon head and body of a fish and believe to be symbol prestige and authority. Of course its not real gold or it'll be stolen, lol. On top level of the castle you can see almost whole of Osaka from north, west, east and south. 

The castle itself was so spacious and they have garden there. You can see everything from every direction. How would you feel if you're Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Its such a great sight when everything going good but during during the war period I think can be quite nerve wrecking when you can see your enemy attacking and its only about time before you fall. I have mixed feeling when I stand there, ha-ha XD.

Bought myself Mitarashi Dango. The dango itself taste plain while the brown sauce kinda too sweet for me. It supposed to be warm when I bought it but the winter froze it immediately, lol.

Interesting things when travel to Japan; take picture with all the manhole you came across. Each place have different design according to the landmark, and don't forget the landmark stamp too. For me, its like playing treasure hunting ^^

Just when we're about to leave Osaka Castle we spotted this early bloom Ume tree. At first we thought it was Sakura but apparently no. Still hoping we can witness blossomed Sakura tho ^^

Its about 4 or 5pm when we left and time to our next and final destination in Osaka, Dotonbori Area. Known as the most colourful areas in Osaka and a must visit location when you're in Kansai area especially Osaka. 

Most blog, websites, news or source that we read recommended us to visit it during the night and I must say its true. So lively, colourful, and so crowded. Good place to buy souvenir and grab some snack. 

Strike some pose with the Osaka giant crab and Glico icon. Personally I didn't really like take much of tourist picture as I'm more to taking the ambience shoot or food but almost every side of Japan I want to take picture with!

Osaka food checklist should be their Okonomiyaki, and especially Takoyaki. We once tried the basic outside Osaka Castle and the one that we tried here in Dotonbori instead of using the Takoyaki sauce we ordered one the use the lemon sauce. Taste refreshing with its acidic and blend well with the octopus. We even discussed maybe we should try variety of Takoyaki and sell it in Jakarta XD~

Apparently spot another manhole here ^.^ maybe I create a post showing my manhole selfie collection, lol.

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