Rollover Reaction: Flushed Review + Swatches

May 04, 2017

Rollover Reaction Get Flushed just launched recently and they immediately stole my heart. Why not? look at those sleek minimalist gold packaging and I just can't resist lip colour. I once saw the Penny and Sueded collection and got immediate starstruck but I didn't buy it at that time since its not my kind of colour. But as soon as I saw Get Flushed collection, without further thinking I placed my order and voila!

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Rollover Reaction is an independent Indonesian cosmetics brand established in 2016 creating a desirable beauty products that is relevant to todays modern day women that are constantly on-the-go and want simplicity and ease for they daily make up look.
Rollover Reaction is all about creating effortless personalized beauty. With a playful vision of beauty, we delivers make-up collection that’s as easy and fuss-free as can be. Our goal is to help women embrace their own uniqueness in the possible way without giving too much time and effort get to get it done. A Beauty products that are Fun, Versatile, and above all, Comfort.
Three divinely beautiful silky-soft texture with semi-metallic finish for an instant touch of vibrancy. FLUSHED! Provides natural glow of flushed cheeks and rosy lips, while offering hours of comfortable hydration
~ Sociolla & Rollover Reaction Instagram

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What attract me first and most (and maybe main reason to buy it) was their modern with a lil bit touch of classic packaging. Most of all, its so instagramable. I could use it as photography properties. Each was pack in a long rectangular hard paper and mark with different colour, according to the product's and the beautiful part begins here; gold pen brush tip with twist-able top. On top of the packaging got the colour's name on it.

For me, the tip of it reminds me of water colour brush and I expect buildable colour from it. It was pretty hard to twist when it first came, quite take some time. Upon twisting it you can also hear the gear moving. Be sure to twist it clockwise!

 photo swatches_zps4rqggo8u.png

Available in 3 colour which they name it Thulian, Orla and Paloma, it was very practical by means, I can use most of the colour. Either as lipstain or blush especially Thulian. Since I love red and it suite me the most!


My favourite was Thulian. I love red lipstick, especially the bold one. I would like to wear red lip tint for daily look due to its sheer and builadble colour but it just didn't go well with my dry lip. I was little skeptical at first that this would be the same but after trying it for a hole day and keep on re-applying it, their claim on comfortable hydration is true. Now I can achieve those sheer natural looking red lips without worrying about the moisturition. As you can see its like giving hint of metallic red but still wearable on daily look.

As a blush its so sheer and gave out a healthy reddish glow as if you're blushing. Makes my overall looks look fresh ^^.


I always and always and always believe that with my current warm medium skin tone, I can't rock nude and orange colour. The last time I can wear these kind of colour when my skin was brighter then current and not any orange from any brand. Its only Etude's. The rest of it make me looks so pale. When I decided to bought Paloma I intended to use it as blush on as I've been wanting to have orange blush. When I swipe it, surprising this colour looks good and I'm back to able to rock nude-orangeish colour. It enters my HG colour, lol! 


This is surely the hardest colour and biggest challenge for me. Definitely suite you who love dark and fierce make-up. This kind of colour can't be wear without complete make especially eye make-up and lashes or it'll be too much. I bought this colour due to curiosity and I didn't have this kind of metallic dark colour on my collection. Eventhough I can't use it as lipstain (or maybe I didn't have the courage to do so yet) I prefer to use Orla as eyeshadow and blush. Especially blush. It makes me look even more mature and if you love ethereal or dusty rose make-up look. This is a very nice choice!

 photo texturescent_zps0fabgqmg.png

Both Paloma and Thulian kinda watery in compare with Orla which, thicker. My assumption was because of its dark colour while Paloma and Thulian was lighter. This could be quite strange for a beauty product but I found that there's hint of coconut on their scent especially on Orla. Eventhough it claims to contain Aloe Vera for hydration, I didn't spot any but that doesn't mean the coconut scent didn't smells good. I quite like it, tho...

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Overall, I like this Rollover Reaction Flushed collection due to its practical function. Colour such as Orla didn't go well on my lip but actually its a pretty good option for cheek and eye-shadow. If you're like me, who's OK with either bold and sheer colour this could be a good choice but if you love bold and pigmented colour / colour that only need once or twice application then I don't recommend this because as you can see from all swatches especially Paloma and Thulian, they're more like giving hint of colour.

In term of staying power, for me it didn't last long. Its all gone after I eat but it does have good hydration so its understandable. 

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+ Sheer
+ Quite builable
+ Price wise, standard
+ Easy to purchase
+ Practical, you can use it as lipstain, cheeks and even eye-shadow
+ Travel friendly

- Product took some time to came out

So, which your favourite one? ^^

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