Natural No Make-up Eyes with Dejavu

April 11, 2017

Who doesn't want it? pair of natural no make-up looking eyes. Long thin lashes and doll-like eyes that can be get effortlessly. Many tips and trick can be use to emphasize the eyes but as far as I know most eye make-up can feel heavy. That's why I rarely put make-up on it since I tend to have oily and thick eyelid and most eye make-up product can't stay long.

Few weeks ago I got this Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara and Lasting Fine S Pencil Liner from Kawaii Beauty Japan. I'm sold simply because its a Japanese brand beauty product and I'm in love from eversince. What they claim always works whether its high-end, premium and drugstore brand. I heard of Dejavu when I went to Japan and saw many type of it. Less that I know that actually its kinda famous there. So here is my try on it! does it work? 

Dejavu Lasting Fine S Pencil Liner

In compare to mascara, I rarely use eyeliner and even it I use one, I prefer liquid and cream eyeliner since usually I need to draw extra high for my thick eyelid and pencil eyeliner didn't really last long on my oily lid. For me, this Dejavu Lasting Fine S Pencil Liner's texture more like crayon. Not only its no sharpen needed for a pencil eyeliner its quite pigmented. This didn't really happen to my friend but the first time when I use it, it break! and apparently it works best on even and thin eyelid but too fragile for my thick eyelid. 

Dejavu Fiberwig Macara

Eventhough I rarely apply any eye make-up but at least mascara is a must. I usually prefer thin wand mascara for more natural result and less clumpy. This Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara claims to formulated with advanced film coating that result in waterproof and smudgeproof. It also well known for its lengthening effect that no eyelashes needed! 

It comes in a sturdy red container which I like not only because of its colour but apparently the polygonal shape act as a lock. So its like you must match the cap polygonal and the container's polygonal to make it secure.

The swatches

Like what I mentioned before, as you can see for the eyeliner it works well on back of my hand since its even and not really thick. The colour also pigmented yet result in natural looking and easy to glide yet on my thick eyelid I need to draw it slowly or even, sometimes I heat it with a blowdryer so the colour came out easily on my eyelid. 

The fiberwig mascara didn't really shows here on back of my hand since just like it said, it extend from our lashes while there's less hair on back of my hand, lol. I pretty much love this mascara. Its lightweight, no clump and smudgeproof! 

Although the eyeliner claims to stay up to 24hours, it smudges a little on my oily lid but worry not, it didn't really give that panda eyes while the fiberwig mascara stays almost whole day! 

Its not that easy to remove both product. One unique way to remove it was by using luke warm water but I still prefer using micellar water and above was my try on removing it. In one swipe only the mascara gone (see how light it is?) while it needs about 2 swipe for the eyeliner.

Overall, if you're someone like me who love natural, simple, fresh and lightweight makeup, this Dejavu product can be your option. Its so lightweight that there're time I forgot I use eye make-up!

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