My 2016, 10 List of...

December 31, 2016

At last, my dream country with my friend, Anggi. It still feel so surreal. Going to Japan was one of my biggest dream that, to be honest I almost feel like its impossible but turns out trying to take this big risk changed me.

2. Bought myself a Fuji camera and its' lens

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Bought it at Japan and my biggest splurge during the trip. My precious baby~

3. Improvement on Dad's health
It all start in 2014 at the final year of my college that his health suddenly went bad but luckily he recovers fast enough and need medical control like once in 3 months. Since than he become my priority even more, reason that I hang on, survive and never give up. Sounds dramatic but its true. That's why when he keeps getting better day by day up till now, I'm extrmely happy. 

4. Got a lil bit active on blog and get myself in new environment

5. Aggy's wedding

MY BFF's wedding at Jogja and my first visit too! became one of her bridesmaid and so happy for her. Thanks God I can attend the wedding coz I went back to Jakarta for my Japan flight the day after, lol.

6. Staff of the month at my office
My first time working professionally, joining a digital agency and media focusing in beauty. I love organizing event since I was in high school by joining a gaming community. I remember I'm the happiest that time, all the euphoria make me decide to join my current company. Its lot different with so many obstacle but having someone great to lead and be there with me really help me. My team, my support system, my first time handling a brand's event. They're not the sweetest, but the push me and trust that I strive to do my best!

7. Fashion & Beauty item checklist!
Y'know, when you're in college and all that money went there, especially in fashion design I need to buy fabric, paper, printing, etc. . . when I got the chance to use my own salary to buy my favourite YSL Rouge and Vivienne Westwood shoes, extremely mega happy T__T

8. Final Fantasy Distant World Concert at Singapore
Didn't see this coming! Its been a dream of mine since I was small and broke, lol. My first time went to SG just for a concert. Can't believe I did that! plus, they played my favourite song, Rose of May

9. Got the chance going back to HK

10. Celebrating Christmas and New Year with my family
The more I gain age, the more I realize I need to be there while I can. That's my its important for me to celebrate birthday, new year and chinese new year with them. This year, I'm so grateful. :)

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