Love Yourself Means Know Your Self Better

December 30, 2016

What are you or who are you?
How are you?

Does this kind of question cross your mind sometimes when you're in your lowest point of your life? 

All of us know, the only person who know us best is no other than ourself. Be it in happy or sad environment. Not to mention lowest point of your life even sometimes something simple can confuse us. I feel this almost everytime especially this past few weeks / months after I enter this quarter life. Most of time I always know what I want but not anymore. When you enter some specific age all that you ever want or dreamed of shift to priority, greed and lust that you might lost in the middle of it.

Few days ago I had conversation with my friends. Its been long since our last meet up and we talked a lot. The conversation just keep flowing but most of all since we're at the same age we pretty much feel each other. Mostly we talk about life and our dream, how we try to stay ideal while we need to catch-up with reality. We exchange story till point even what kind of hardship that we face right now until I mentioned 

"Sometimes I think people need to go to the Psychologist. Not because we're crazy but we need someone to play with our mind to give us answer"

Apparently, my friend went to one and share some stories of it. Surprisingly what we often read and being told to do from motivational book are what the doctor told us to do. Write your positive point, take some time off to clear your brain but most of all,

Know what you want and back to basic. Everything is simple its only us who made it complicated.

I haven't visit the doctor yet but this made me realized and take some action. I wrote what I want first then how I describe myself, and why? Its like writing a track record for myself.

I start my own journal (or diary)

1. Long-term Journal
At the beginning of this 2016, I bought myself a 3 years journal. I used to have normal 3 years journal for me to write how's my day and such. Its more like a diary but after some times, not only I get bored but I realized not everyday went according what I want/planned. It then becomes depressing and I stop writing. I saw Istiarina Putri have this Q&A a day, For Me 3 Years Journal. Inside rather than write my day like normal journal it fills with random question like 
" What song make you feel good " 
" Who is your Valentine "
It turns out fun and I keep writing it until now and since its 3 years plan I think I can see my growth, how my taste change, etc . . . some question made me think about myself too

2. Daily Mood Journal
You see it right. Mood Journal. My mood pretty much upside down, roller coaster. I can feel happy right now and angry the next minutes you see me. Pretty sure I'm not a Bipolar and need to check on it but before that I feel I need to know myself better. This journal consist of
How you deal with it?
After I start this mood journal I pretty much know when, why and how. Obviously as a female the peak of my bad mood was during my period. Sometimes when I'm so indulge with work I forgot how to treat myself better and when I start this, its better than nothing. I list down what calms me.

I call my PMS Survival Kit as Mood Boaster. I'm so highly affected by my mood and my good mood should come from my environment too. which is, 
1. Food (be it sweet or salty)
2. Massage (how much I hate stiff or aches all around my waist during period)
3. Comfortable

Its so vary to describe comfortable when I'm on PMS but in this section means my environment and me should make me feel fresh, motivated and energized. For example, my workdesk should be neat and in good order or to make it easy, "instagramable" and I should feel really comfy. Start from wearing jeans that let me move easily and the right sanitary pad. The right size of sanitary pad only didn't enough if suddenly as I rarely move during those period plus wearing tight jeans give out some unpleasant smell because of the bacteria and such. Admit it girls, sometimes we can smell it and it kinda worrisome whether people around us smell it or not! Hence, again, bye bye good mood, bye bye productive me.

If we're the same, lemme present you Charm Fragrance which not only it comes in different sizes to answer your need but just as its name, it give hints of Rose fragrance the moment you use it. Not too strong, delicate enough to hide unpleasant smell. 

Personally, Its quite answer my need starting from the variety of sizes, Extra Maxi, Extra Maxi Wing, Super Slim Wing and Super Slim Non Wing as it made it travel friendly and surprisingly the density quite thin that I don't have to worry whenever I wear my tight jeans and move around as it has Double Block Line Protection to prevent any leakage. But if you're in heavy flow category on your second day just like me, I recommend you to use the Extra Maxi one. 

Don't forget to mention the mild rose fragrance that ease my worries on unpleasant smell on that area ^^; Maybe for some people this kind of things like nice smell during period didn't matter but for me small things DOES matter. If I didn't feel comfortable I can't be confident. On the other side too, It might gives out some question if its safe for long term use because it contains fragrance the answer is, it is clinically proven, girls :D

At least with these small hacks I know myself better especially during my period. So far this is my way to deal with myself whenever I feel down, I start to open my journal, and find some point or write what I need and find my positive side. Sometimes I even back off from my gadget and live a day without it during weekend just to refresh my mind. 

This is also how I love myself, by knowing myself better.

So, how do you love yourself? ^^

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