Too Cool For School Glam Rock Collection

November 14, 2016

Have you ever imagine having your own Halloween make-up kit? I was invited by Too Cool For School along with fellows beauty blogger and vlogger to take a peek for one! Its their Glam Rock Collection which inspired and can applicable for Halloween. 

Honestly I'm not a up-to-date person on korean or korean inspired make-up as I'm more to Japanese but I can't resist make-up with 'photogenic package' and lipstick. Apparently Too Cool For School is a New York based make-up brand that famous in Korea! They're kind enough to give me their Glam Rock collection for review purposes after the event #glomps. 

BB Foundation Lunch Box SPF 37PA++ not on the Glam Rock Collection but since it was given to me, there's nothing wrong in trying one brand look using their product, no? This BB Foundation have sheer coverage and light. Which I find it suitable for daily usage and didn't give me any breakout. Just be sure to use enough moisturizer if you have dry skin like mine. It gives satin finish and consist of SPF 37. SPF is a must to tackle the sunray!

I have been eyeing this Brow Express during the Blogger Gathering Event and jumps in high when I found this on my goodie bag. Simply, reason to fall in love was because the given tool which give so much efficiency. How much I love travel friendly beauty product! Its completed with gel to draw the shape of your eyebrow then fill it with darkbrown. Finished it with lil bit of shading. I'm still quite new to gel brow and needs extra effort as the colour very sheer during application but its better to apply it layer by layer to avoid mistakes considering my noob abilities. I think for newbie like me, its a good starter kit to achieve your "on-point eyebrow". The colour can easily let us achieve 3D or gradation eyebrow for natural look. 

Glam Rock Urban Shadow, this eyeshadow really shocked my with its pigmentation. I thought it will be normal for dark coloured eyeshadow to be pigmented but not with light colour such as gold and silver. I'm wrong. Not only it has beautiful glittery shimmer but pigmentation too. For oily eyes like mine still needs eye primer or the colour will come off quite fast. If you're so into smooky eyes make-up you definitely gonna love this Urban Eyeshadow.

A mysterious red lipstick in bold and long-lasting colour. So does the claim said. Eventhough it was inspired by Bloody Red colour in my opinion the colour didn't really bold red. More to sweet Cherry Red which could help to achieve sweet refreshing look rather than creepy vampire red. It didn't really long-lasting after few meals but quite pigmented. I only need one or two swipe on lips. If you have dry lip like mine I recommend you to use lipbalm beforehand because it can make your lip even dry but, the good part, with its satin matte finish the patchiness of your dry lips not quite visible.

A refreshing and gentle cleansing water that removes makeup and impurities and leaves skin soft, clean, and hydrated. Suitable for normal to sensitive skin. It removes my make-up gently. I find it didn't really hard to remove eye make-up such as eyeshadow or mascara plus, the scent don't really sting. It leaves a hydrated, moistured skin rather than squeaky clean feeling.

Overall, from all of the Glam Rock Collection I love their lipstick the most eventhough it didn't last long enough after few meals and my lips still dry but those patchiness didn't really show and apparently the red suit me well ^^

So, are you ready for your Halloween? :)

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