Personal : Quarter Life, Start!

October 27, 2016

Title explained all. I welcomed my quarter life this October and time flies and I'm 25 now. 
Things happened. People come and go. Everything changes. Many things to catch-up and learn every day. Every little things is a blessing.

That's what I am right now and hopefully always.

My 24 is full of adventure. Its like I'm out from my cage. Out from my comfort zone but it let me grows even better. My wish every year is the same, to be more mature, grateful, helpful and hopefully can found my inner peace. Obviously there're many other things that I wish for but that's I want the most at the moment. Things happen for reasons. Be it to help you grow or to be grateful of it.

It still hard, honestly, but for every bad things that happen I always try to take it as a blessing in disguise for my next happiness or something even bigger. I learn this from my current environment, alpha women who inspired me every day. Hopefully too in this 25 I can be one step closer to my dream, bolder and up to challenges.

In welcoming 25, eventhough there's no big celebration just like when I was kid, surrounding myself with people who I treasure the most, is a blessing in disguise. The older I get the more I keep my circle. Its better to keep close who's dear to me and them who brings positive vibe rather than having a big circle of friends or family who, later on leave you when you're nothing. Time is precious, that's why I always make time for my dearest one and highly appreciate them who make time for me too.

Time, age, moment, whatever you call it, its strange, its mysterious. Have their own way. Can't be plan, can't be predict. I set my goal, although not in a very detail way but for me the most important one is my last goal. The process itself I let time answer it while doing my best because sometimes life need a detour so we can see and understand from different angle. I can say I found my reason in living and what I wan to be but who knows during I can discover something even better on my way to reach my goal? :)

I plan things, but maybe because I'm an AB I can be spontaneous and uncertain at times, that's why whatever had or gonna happen I always remember my goals and motto because that's my purpose in living, that's what drive me to reach my goals. 

Life can be hard. Life can be unfair. But depending on how you see it, it can brings different impact on you. Truth to be told it still hard for me to see good in bad but then, since I want inner peace, its better to find good in every bad things then let it go. Never let it bothers you and just be thankful for because of it, you grow. Besides, surely we have great things that are far more important and nice to bother us rather than letting bad vibes conquer us, no?

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