Personal: A Little Detour Won’t Hurt

September 23, 2016

Was what I got from my friend when we had new year together. We exchanged stories of our year and had a kinda deep discussion until one of us said,

" Life is a detour. Either its good or bad, take it as a lesson and blessing to improve yourself. You might be lost for a moment but sometimes you need a detour to see from different perspective to open your eyes and mind. " 

 More or less, I should agree with it. 

If I look back, I graduated as a fashion designer, I worked on that industry for about 2 years and moved to a start-up media & agency. It's a complete different world, yet still what I love (and hopefully my forte) event, beauty, media and community. Truth to be told, I miss fashion and all its euphoria and drama. I paused because I just need something new and be more productive. Working for a fashion designer consume your time as most design house requires your time during weekend. Working for famous established design house is a good chance to expand your knowledge but in the end its the matter of taste and preference. That's why no wonder fresh grad fashion designer either start their own business or worked for at least 2-3 year for experience and knowledge. 

As for me, since I also have my made-to-order dress making services while worked as designer's assistant, I find there's no variation hence I decided to have a change or a break while observing the industry. Currently I'm a project planner on weekdays, blogger and designer on weekend. I feel more productive and socially more alive than before. 

In 2016, time flies literally so fast that I hardly notice its September already. This was the first ever feeling for me so far. I positively could say because not only I work hard but I enjoy my detour thanks to people around me who's there for me especially during my hardest time and taught me that I feel this year I improved the most. 

Conclusion, (still) be ambitious, do your best, be grateful and expect less. Nevertheless, enjoy life to its fullest. A little detour won't hurt you as long as you didn't forget what you want, what you like and most important, yourself. 

Simply because nobody except you understand yourself better and what's your purpose in living. You might not found it right now that's why (again) a little detour to see life from different angle can be a nice chance and challenge. 

I got this feeling when I watched Me before You. Its a sad movie yet inspiring. It hit me most of what William Traynor said to Louisa Clark, 

" Live boldly, push yourself, don't settle. Just live well. " 

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