Personal: Before 24 End

October 13, 2016

Different from my usual post, no. To be more specific I think this year I wrote personal blogpost the most compare to previous. Simply I just want to write some message from me to me so in the future when I look back I know I have been through this and that yet still survived. This kind of post inspired by Chriselle Lim. Fashion stylist, blogger, influencer and super mom.

Anyway just like the titles said, before 24 ends I just wanna list down of what my 24 looks like. Hope I still can list it clearly!


Took one of the biggest decision ever. Left my career as fashion design assistant from an established designer house. I want to challenge myself but at the same time, on things that I like while hoping it can be my forte. Its good enough already I found job where I can express my love for beauty industries by becoming a project planner. I used to attend event especially beauty event and amazed by how they present their brand and product, how they want the blogger get involved or how they pampered us. As a blogger, I have this heart warming feeling whenever I went to good-well-planned event with either great or unique concept. I always like brainstorming for ideas and concept, that's why I enter fashion design too. My current job allow me to pour my concept into one of my passion which is beauty and passion in form of event and campaign.

So far, I'm still far from good and feel that I still need to achieve more. This is the job that I choose as my main job (while becoming seamstress as side job) and this job too, made my surrounding question my career and future. It is hard at first. Because the only thing that I can offer as a newbie was my experience in attending event and my tiny bit of knowledge as beauty blogger but then again, I always believe if you love what you do, no matter how hard it is and you feel like its better to stop or quit, you can't and you won't. Because its the thing that you love the most and you dreamed of (totally proven!).


It never cross my mind that to travel with my friends. I do want it but to be honest, it seems kinda impossible since the difference on our schedule until suddenly it pop-ed up and voila. Its so funny how time flew and we rarely chat but once we met we got lots of crazy ideas and plan. The conversation keeps on going and suddenly what we always dreamed of become real. 

And another big decision of the year. I took the risk and went to one of my dream country, Japan with Anggi, who used to be my classmate on Japanese Class. Its been long since our last class, around 2011 and we met again on 2015. We start reminiscence and recall our long lost promise. Both of us like, can't hold back anymore and start making our plan. We bought the ticket on Travel Fair and were like "OK, things get real with this ticket". Long story short we ends up went to Kyoto, Tokyo, Kobe, Osaka, and Fuji. Mostly Anggi planned the itinerary as she used to do so for her family while just list down on where to go. Its quiet challenging and its an enjoyable trips!

It opened my eyes, to earn money so I can travel to places, see and experiences things. Japan, especially Kyoto left me with many life lesson. If I could name it, should be Zen trip, lol.


The more you grow you become selective of your surrounding. I met so may new people because of my job and reunite with some old friends too. Obviously some has the same vision while some doesn't but what I like, I love listening to people's life experience. I love having deep conversation be it economic, social, politic and personal. Eventhough I can't talk much but listening to their story helps me. Sometimes it makes me reflect on what I did and how's my next step. I loss some but in return I know who's with me when I'm on my lowest point and who raise me up.

People grows, people change. Everyone took part and all of them are blessing. Honestly the beginning of 24 was kinda harsh but to welcome this quarter life, I think more than I used. I realized at this 24 at first its hard to let go but once you did, there's big path waiting for you to venture. I also realized that sometimes some words can be sounds hypocrites but once you understand and take it positively, that could be your life lesson and motivation.

To My 24 Self
You've grow. Better than before.
You fell and failed but you got up.
You've done well and prove to yourself that you can. 

Always and forever be grateful. Always aim to the top yet never forget your root. Be bold and always curious. Work smart rather than work hard. Take risk and don't forget to have fun. You're allowed to be selfish and be more ambitious.

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