Garnier Sakura White

July 18, 2016

Just as promised, in continuation of my Garnier Tea Party, they're so kind to gave us full set of their Sakura White Line to try. Its been more than a month after I got back from Japan and tried their product on and off (yeap, I always go by this way to see whether the product should can always be use diligently or not)

I've been into this clear, beautiful and flawless face from eversince I can remember. I think. . . when I watch Japan and Korean Drama? The actresses have this rosy glowy look thank to their make-up of course but I believe with good skin we didn't need much effort in putting make-up. That, too, what I see on them and I want it on me.

Infused with Sakura Extract fromJapan, Sakura White is proven to...+60% more rosy radiance in just 4 weeks with 5 tested and proven claims:

Rosy Radiance
Luminous fairness
Even skintone
Satin softness
Dewy clear skin

Who didn't want that?!

Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Gentle Foam

Appeared in gel like textured this cleansing foam, in my opinion its more recommend to use it in the morning where our skin feels like lightest, without any make-up on and it clean and hydrate it just right. When I put make-up on and after removal I find that this gentle foam didn't really clean it in my opinion. Actually its just matter of preference. It is clean, but I'm just not sure it cleans my pore or not as I prefer have that "tight" feeling after I removed my make-up then slap plenty amount of moisturizer but everytime I use this gentle foam, it does make my skin one tone brighter. I believe in permanent result if being use daily and diligently. At least, that's what happened to me when I use their Garnier White Speed Face Wash and Scrub ^ ^ (yeap, I use it as my night time face wash)

Sakura White Pinkish Radiance and Smooth Pore Serum Cream SPF21/PA+++

Creamy textured day cream with SPF & PA+++. I thought that its gonna be oily and sticky. Surprisingly no. It absorb fast and preps my face well before make-up. With SPF and PA+++ it pass my criteria of day cream #goawayUV. With pore smoothing serum it claims to minimize the pore appearance that helps in enhance the rosy cheek look that produce by the Sakura extract. I didn't find my pore got smaller or smoother but hydrates my dry skin and gives matte result on my make-up.

Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Sleeping Essence

Sleeping essence or usually I used it as my night moisturizer. Also claim to hydrates face, fade dark spot and lighten skin tone. The texture itself more watery than the day cream but I'm not a fan of rose scent.  In comparison with the day cream, the night cream feels much more hydrating eventhough feels a little bit sticky.

Sakura White Ultimate Serum

Another product from this range that work best beside facial foam was their serum. With 5000 tiny sakura beads it claims to give a rosy sheen result and I should kinda agree with that. I apply this serum at night. Not only it give rosy sheen result but also hydrate my face. I find that this product so gentle on me and didn't cause any breakout! Its' soft gel-like texture made my face feels soft and supple.

Sakura White Intensive Whitening Mask

From all of the above, the most repurchase. It soothe my skin and my current S.O.S. I should admit, bot only from this Sakura White range but from all of Garnier's product that I've tried, their mask always work best on me *____*

My verdict after about a month or so in using this Sakura White on and Off? it does brighten my skin especially acne scar and good for dry skin but at the same time it cause whitehead on my jaw which I don't know why. At first I though maybe because I changed my foundation that's why there's about a week I stop wearing make-up except during weekend but apparently its not like that. In the end just like always my skin couldn't handle the day and night cream if I didn't slap plenty amount of my usual moisturizer -_-'' . The first time ever my jaw needs more hydration than my cheeks eventhough it didn't as dry the the cheeks, LoL.

My most favourite product was their Mask which I repurchased whenever I need to soothe my sensitive skin and need to re-boost it before an important event the next day. In my opinion, their Ultimate Serum perform best in giving that sheen rosy result for skin as it contains 5000 tiny Sakura Beads and best part of it I can combine it with my another skincare!

Aiming for a healthy rosy look can be very difficult and gotta put much effort and trial and error too! Its nice that Garnier's Sakura White can help us in achieving it, don't you agree? :D

Hope this review helps! ^ ^ 

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