Glowing Ramadan with Panasonic Beuty x FD

June 30, 2016

Welcoming Ramadan, Female Daily invited us blogger beauty workshop with Panasonic. I've been to Panasonic x Female Daily once and obviously I agreed to attend this one as Panasonic Always surprise us with their new beauty gadget which support full head to toe needs.

In this event, to welcome Ramadan where especially most our Muslim friends gonna have annual family gathering they also encourage us to join their workshop starting from make-up to hair styling!

The make-up and hairstyling itself suitable not only for hijab but non-hijab too. So its very useful and informative event ^ ^

Face-Hair Ionizer EH-SA42
Acts like air filter. Place it near our office desk and it gives out nanoe particle thats good for hair and skin. Its a good investment for someone with tight schedule like since this device last 8hours! 
Facial Ionic Steamer EH-SA31VP 
Personally I love steaming my face for the sake of deep cleansing as clean skin make my mask absorb faster and perform better. Moreover this one completed with nanoe particle, can boost my dry skin! 6minutes mini spa perfect for my tight schedule!
Pore Cleanser EH-2513
The perfect device for those of you (and me) who want to get rid of black-head safely. I think its a complete if I have the face steamer and this pore cleanser, I can suck those blackhead twice a week.
Gentle & Easy Epilator for Smooth SKin ES-WU41
Not quite sure I've seen Panasonic's Epilator before but for sure I had my eyes on it as I've been googling one for myself. They sure have head to toe gadget for our beauty needs.
Heated Eyelash Curler EG-SE60VP
360 rotating heated eyelash comb. Love the colour red and pink plus its design that resemble mascara's packaging! and it didn't took much place on make-up pouch. Saw this once on Panasonic's previous event and it still catch my attention.
The theme for this event was Glowy Ramadan Look. Simple and Clean look that even can be apply for everyday basis. As you can see from the make-up and hairstyling above (left to right) both the make-up and hairstyle actually can be apply on daily basis. Not too plain not too much. Nice enough for family gathering but most importantly to achieve it, it all starts from taking care of your hair and skin by then the gadget too, can perform wel. Obviously be sure to pick the right one for your needs! 
From all the beauty gadget I still like the Pore Cleanser the most then Face-Hair Ionizer. Both answer my needs especially Face-Hair Ionizer its not only useful for me but probably for my family too as it act as air filter and can treat both our hair and face by just simply place it near our desk and voila~!

So, which one that you like or should have to complete your day?

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