CURE Natural Aqua Gel

June 12, 2016

As much as I hate exfoliation I should admit that its very important for my face, especially for I apply make-up almost every day. Can you imagine those left over that can't be remove my make-up remover and we can't see it bare eyes plus dead skin? My overall face will look so dull and my skincare definitely can't perform well too. Reason to hate exfoliation, simply it made my skin tight and dry.

I never purchase any of this type of product but I do read some review of it including this Cure Natural Aqua Gel. As a Japan beauty enthusiast I've been eyeing this from since my senior high year and yes, I found it when I went back to Hong Kong and its the same as the Pre-order price from local's online shop. I didn't have enough faith to splurge my money on product that I didn't really rave. 

Luckily when I went to Japan last March I found that the price quite cheap in comparison to what I saw before that I decided to bought one for me to answer my curiosity~

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Cure Natural Aqua Gel claims to be Number 1 Japan Skincare and sold 1 bottle every 12 second.

With no artificial fragrance, coloring and preservatives. It removes your old skin layer to uncover new skin. Cure Natural Aqua Gel contains 90% revitalized hydrogen water and natural plant extracts from aloe vera, gingko and rosemary. With regular use, Cure keeps your skin healthy, smooth and glowing. It can also be use for body area!

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Plain transparent plastic pump bottle, a pump lock was provided to prevent the product from falling sadly I lost mine when I returned to Jakarta. Eventhough its a nice idea for travelling but the size itself not really travel friendly. Its quite big in my opinion.

 photo texturescent_zps0fabgqmg.png

Just like its' claim, it was scentless and I love this kind of product pretty much for skin care. The texture itself are gel and just like its name too, Aqua, it glides so smoothly. So watery! I need about 3pump for my whole face

Applied it on dry skin with circular motion to removed the dead skin.

 photo opinion_zpsywcbce1x.png
For a smoother and brighter complexion, result can be seen after one month, twice a week of usage. What I like most, since it removes my dead skin, not only my face feel much smoother but my make-up turns out better than before.

The only part that I dislike, just like what I mention of why I dislike exfoliation, it make my face dries and feel kinda tight. Usually when I had this kind of feeling I scares me as it tends to break me out eventhough I had put plenty amount of moisturizer but fortunately it didn't ^ ^

For a drugstore beauty product Cure was a good choice. I bought it for IDR 250.000 (forgot the yen price) and I think it quite worth it considering the size given.

 photo verdict_zpspqo83rk8.png

+ Scentless
+ Didn't cause break out
+ Can see how much your dead skin be removed
+ Can be use on body areas
+ Smoother and brighter skin 

- Cheap in Japan but expensive in overseas. The price can even double
- Skin feels dries and tight 
- Hard to find

Overall CURE Natural Aqua Gel gave me good impression but that doesn't mean I'll repurchase it as eversince I exfoliate my face diligently like twice a week it does give me what its promised, a smoother and brighter complexion but because of that too I want to try another brand's exfoliator :p

See you on my next post and hope it helps! ^ ^

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