ULTIMA II Procollagen Rouge A Levres

May 24, 2016

As much as I love lipstick and wear it daily to boost my confidence, make me look fresher and conceal my dark lips, there're time where I wish not to wear any lipstick but I can't because I'll look totally pale especially with my current bright coloured hair that's why lipstick is a must for me. I actually kinda have the guts to invest on lipstick that give me great colour, long lasting and moisture. Yep, just like my skin, my lips are dry that's why I often scrub it but I rarely use lipbalm since I don't really like the oily or heavy buttery feeling. The only time I use lipbalm was when my lips are super dry and chapped!

Hence when I found out that ULTIMA II have this Procollagen Rouge I'm kinda curious to try it just because of its collagen ingredient. Lucky me they sent me various colours of their Procollagen Lipstick to try on. Lipstick to colour and protect your lips? why not give it a try? :D

 photo product info_zps6iivc7xx.png
Sophisticated luxury lipstick with patented Collagen. Full lips effect that glides perfectly and hides fine lines with moisturizing Extract Marine Complex and Shea Butter to soften the lips. Procollagen TM that support the revitalization of collagen production in the lips surface.

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The packaging itself is quite modern minimalist with rounded plastic glass as its' cover. Brand's name can be found once you open the cap and so does the colour information when you take a peek at the bottom side of this silver packaging.

 photo swatches_zps4rqggo8u.png


In a glance Spice and Pink were quite similar until I swipe it on my lips it apparently Pink and Glamberry almost the same. All of it, in my opinion quite suitable for daily basis even for me who didn't use any eye makeup (except eyebrow, lol)

At first I though its too pale or almost nude for my lips and will be my enemy until I try it. Apparently its more to pale pink and perfectly suitable for natural look or, you who don't really like bold colour. I kinda recommend this colour for your casual date night/day as it give sweet impression.

Unlike the colour on product which in my opinion was kinda dark for a pink it turns to a bit of pink with mix of coral on me. I choose this colour as my everyday colour as it didn't too pale or too bright.

Unlike swatch on back of my hand which was more to dark berry, I totally love this colour in my lips. For me its almost more to strawberry pink and just like its name, Glamberry, really suitable for your sophisticated party date look.

Which obviously my signature colour that I often use when I'm on important mission such as office meeting or event. ULTIMA II's Red in my opinion more to orange-ish red which make it not too bold. I think its a good choice if you're not use to bold red yet!

Overall, the colour quite subtle and buildable. It gives medium coverage and not too bold. From all the colour above, all of it still good for daily basis. One or two glides is enough.

 photo texturescent_zps0fabgqmg.png
Creamy and soft feeling on lips. Just like it claims, the shea butter do moisture the lips and covers fine lines without leaving any heavy oily or buttery feeling.

 photo opinion_zpsywcbce1x.png
So far ULTIMA II impressed me with its patented procollagen result. It does really moisture my lips with its affordable IDR 190.000 price. It glides smoothly on my lips thanks to the shea butter and collagen. The colour turns out to be delicate rather than bold. The only nay part is that it fades quickly after few meals!

Overall from my point of view ULTIMA II Procollagen Lipstick gain my love by their collagen it moisten my lips. 
 photo verdict_zpspqo83rk8.png
+ Moisture my lips
+ Quite affordable
+ Can be purchase offline dept store such as Matahari Department Store, AEON BSD, METRO Department Store, Centro Department Store, Parkson’s, SOGO Department Store, Keris Gallery Puri Indah, Citrus, Cahaya Bintaro, Sarinah Thamrin, Debenhams Senayan City, Star Summarecon Bekasi. and online through BliBli.com

- Fade quickly after few meals

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