Emina Sugar Rush Launching

May 29, 2016

Along with beautiful and fabulous beauty influencer, I was invited to this sweet local beauty brand launching some time ago. Sweet? why yes. Because on this collection Emina inspired by the sweetness and girls' need of Sugar Craving that they launched this new variant.

The design, packaging, colours and especially the name are all so sweet. Even during the event they spoiled the "creative" side of me by their nice set-up. This was my first event with Emina after few times stalking their event in awe some other time ago. Thank to Kawaii Beauty Japan for the invitation.

In this event, Emina not only introduced us their sweet sugar rush lipstick but also remind us how important it is to treat our lip well especially if we wear lipstick everyday. Good lip brings out the lipstick colour and so does for our face. Hence they also introduced their Face scrub which contains organic sugar that works best as natural exfoliation and olive oil to get rid of the dead skin cell and as for the Lip Scrub it also contains organic sugar and apricot seed to get rid of the annoying dead skin cell. 

For something that contain organic ingredient such sugar, shea butter, jojoba oil, apricot seed surprisingly the price is quite affordable. IDR 36,000 for lipstick & lip scrub while face scrub IDR 52,500. So college student's wallet friendly price, LoL. Not only that, it also smells nice.

Can't wait to share my review with you guys!

 photo sign_zpso5nm6vdu.png