Garnier Tea Party

April 06, 2016

The sun shines down.
Pink flower glow softly.
 A gentle breeze rustles the leaves.
Birds flutter above the branches.
A young girl sits below it.
Relaxing in the shade.
The sweet smell of cherry blossoms fills the air.
And I know, I'm home.

~Kylee Bartz  

Yes! I'm home, back from my dream country where the spring is fill with Sakura blossom, Japan. It was so amazing there and I still can feel it. Obviously, definately will go back some other time. Everyone who go there, mostly want to see this beautiful cherry blossom that's been Japan's national flower symbol. During this Cherry Blossom season they released so many Sakura Spring Limitted Edition. 

Not only merchandise and food but apparently beauty product too. Its beauty pleased the eyes and good option for skin. This, I knew from attending Garnier Tea Party last March before I went to Japan.

We're spoiled by their whimsical cherry blossom themed decoration. The L'oreal office doesn't seem like our regular office to begin with, more like creative office and it turns into garden on that day. Garnier aimed to have a closer, friendly approach to us, blogger. Really a tea party where we chat and share our story like we're group of friends.

Long story short, we're introduced to their Sakura White Pinkish Radiance. Most importantly the importance of taking care of our pores as clean pores helps to make our skin looks brighter and healthier. This Sakura White Pinkish Radiance, just like its name not only they aim to give natural pinkish glows to our face but the Sakura really does can help us in achieving it!

Obviously its gonna be boring if the tea party only fills with chit chat and to have better understanding of the product too they let us experience full set of it. From day to night, especially their newly launch Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Ultimate Serum which contains 5000 extract that acts as hydrating booster.

The ambience were so warm and nice. Every part of the venue made us take more and more picture. I think they really knew how to spoil us girl.

At the end of the event, Garnier so kind enough to gave us full set of their Sakura White variant to try. Back from Japan I'm so inspired and motivated to achieve natural pinkish glowy skin just like the Japanese woman and this the right time for me to try this product #stillonjapanfever , lol. Stay tune on my blog! :)

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