Covermark Soft (ES) Pact

April 01, 2016

From eversince I start this blog, mostly I always review about base make-up up to this day. Yes, simply because I love flawless skin and since I start working I use make-up daily hence I need something convenient, good or even great coverage not heavy at the same time. The most important part is not heavy as I still want my pore to breath and heavy make-up kinda takes time on removing it especially if I arrive home late.

On this post I would like to share me experience with Covermark, a Japan premium cosmetic brand famous for their foundation. I knew Covermark since high school as at that time (and this day too) I'm so in love with Japanese make-up and skincare but honestly their price and packaging never attract me or rather, shocked me. Doh, those youth day where all cute and cheap is the best but turns out by time I changed. Now, I just need travel friendly, simple, elegance but most of all price answer the quality. Old? not really its reality, LoL. 

Ok, let's hop on the product shall we? 
 photo product info_zps6iivc7xx.png

Covermark Soft (Es) Pact is a cake type foundation that fits lightly and thinly to the skin for long-lasting cover completed with SPF 35PA+++ and variety of 8shades (11shades if you're in Singapore) to suit your skintone. 

 photo packaging_zpsugdvvkos.png

The one that I got from Covermark is the refill one which, still ok for me as it doesn't really looks like a refill as its' sturdy and secured. Yes, for a refill container this small rounded pink blush coloured cream foundation can be your good travel buddy for its sturdy and secured cap and didn't take much space in make-up pouch. All you need to do just bring extra mirror and sponge. 

 photo swatches_zps4rqggo8u.png

Lucky that I came to Covermark's counter before I try this product for real. The BA was so kind and patient to help me in choosing my shades as its really so many and confusing especially if your eyes are not sensitive enough with colour. I choose the I2 as my skin more to your typical Hong Kong's yellowish. As you can see on back of my wrist its kinda tan but it blends perfectly well to my face!

And this, my dear, I only apply one layer but it covers my eyebag (that's the most important part)

 photo texturescent_zps0fabgqmg.png
Creamy texture with matte finish perfect. The scent itself reminds me of baby's powder.

 photo opinion_zpsywcbce1x.png
Great coverage, absolutely. I only need single layer of it and poof, my dark undereye and darkspot are all gone. My most favourite part, eventhough it has great coverage, cover my big pores well, it actually didn't feel that heavy and easy to remove. It stays almost all day long for like 6hours and kinda fade on my T-zone area as it gets oily and I use blotting paper. Only on T-zone area I still use powder to set it but on cheek area it perform well. 

I also can achieve natural flawless skin easily with this product. Eventhough its kinda takes time in application because of its cream type. Well, actually its easier if you use damp sponge but since I prefer using finger and I feel that the heat of my finger blends it well, so I usually finish one area first then hop to another.

 photo verdict_zpspqo83rk8.png
+ Matte finish
+ Result didn't transfer / stick to clothes
+ Great coverage
+ Didn't cause any skin breakout for my sensitive-dry skin
+ Non-heavy
+ Variety of shades

- Hard to apply if you use finger, it takes time
- Not really suitable for dry skin as it gets oily on T-zone

Last, for IDR 290.000 even without its case this product worth your investment for natural flawless skin with great coverage and especially if you're like me, who love non-heavy base make-up, you can give it a try!

Hope it helps!

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