Beauty Talk: Taking Care of Dry Skin

March 04, 2016

As a skincare junkie who own this dry sensitive skin its always hard for me to find my HG product. Not to mention everytime when I travel my skin become more dry than it used to be when in Jakarta. That's why whenever I heard good product for dry skin I always have the urge to try it. Whenever I try skincare product I always prefer product that works best eventhough I don't use them regularly as I'm still that type of person who, when I'm too tired I just washed my face and slap some toner / moisturizer then straight to my bed!

In this post I'm gonna share product that works best on me in which I mean still works best eventhough I didn't use it regularly :)

Menard Tsukika Washing and Cleansing Cream

I got this from an even invitation few years ago and back then this was the first ever expensive product I ever got and use. I didn't review it back then since it worsen my skin condition but turns out its my fault for using it too harsh.

So this Menard Tsukika consist of Washing and Cleansing in which Cleansing for night use while Washing for morning use. Washing could help remove make-up that's why I usually remove my daily make-up which only foundation / cushion using this. While on morning I just Cleansing cream to clean my pore before I apply make-up.

Sometimes when I feel my pore so clogged I use their double cleansing method. Cleansing then Washing to clean my pore. My face feels much lighter and there's one time I double cleansing one week full my face become much more clean that it made my face looks brighter!

Menard Beauness

After I use Menard's Tsukika Washing and Cleansing I use Beauness as my toner. Not only it hydrates my skin it also heals new acne and small redness. Sometimes I pour sufficient amount of Beauness to cotton pad and leave it as mask.

There's none that I dislike about Menard except their price but in the end I repurchase Tsukika and Beauness like about 2times since its THAT good. There're time that I didn't use them since its too expensive and I switch to another product but when I'm back to Menard their product still woks on me!

Hadalabo Gokyujun

Before I knew about Menard I use Hadalabo which at that time was one of the most hype product in Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong. I use both of them during night and day and both works good on me!

Its much more cheaper than Menard that's why I sometimes use them in replacement of Menard ^.^/

Cowbrand Bouncia Body Soap

Not only my face but my body also dry that's why not onl focus on body lotion I also choose body wash that can help my skin condition!

I still remember when I start blogging I got Bouncia from Kawaii Beauty Japan and fell in love at the first time by its quality. For dry skin I truly recommend Bouncia as its really hydrates my skin. It feels so moist and healthy. My dad who apparently share the same skin condition like me also agree that Bouncia reduce dry patches on his body. Another things that I like was the mild musk scent and rich foam ^.^

Well, that's my short sharing and hope it helps! :D

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