Beauty Talk: Beauty for Travelling + Giveaway

March 10, 2016

What do you bring when you're travelling especially who travel for like days?

I used to be one of them who bring almost all my fullsize product or sometimes contemplating on what to bring since I dislike bulky baggage as I want to shop more. That's only skincare not even make-up but thanks God sometimes I got travel size to bring with me ^ ^

On this post I wanna share about what I bought with me during my travel and be sure to stay tune, guys cuz there'll be giveaway at the end of this post!



Menard Lisciare Travel Set
Well, actually their travel consist more than the picture above but mostly I used those 4. Cream Moist, Washing, Cleansing and Milk Lotion. I use the full size up till now which was Tsukika Cleansing and Washing and Beauness Lotion. Menard was the first ever most expensive product that I had tried and fell in love immediately! Its so good eventhough I didn't use it diligently the effect / good result still there. The Lisciare series also works best in me but since its too pricey I used Tsukika for daily basis while Lisciare only for when I travel abroad XD~

No matter where I bring this it still works best on me. I usually use the Cleansing Cream to remove my make-up then Washing Cream to double cleanse it to remove any excess make-up / blackhead / particles that clog my pores. Then finish it with Milk Lotion as moisturizer. While in the morning I just wash my face with Washing Cream and use the Cream Moist as Moisturizer. 

After finish my ritual with Menard's I usually massage my face a few minutes :D

Head to Toe

Chap & Ice Lipbalm
Whenever I travel especially during Winter I always have dry chapped lipped. It even worse than when I'm in Indonesia so bringing lipbalm with me is a must! not only Chap & Ice is cheap but it also perform good ^.^
Biore UV Aqua Rich SPF30 PA +++
I'm crazy about Sunscreen! I always always and always brought it with me since I don't want my skin age faster and obviously I brought my favourite sunscreen, Biore. Note that I'll have much outdoor activity during my trip I prefer non-sticky sunscreen and Biore answer it for me ^.^/
Natur Hair Mist
Since I dyed my hair frequently no wonder that I got dry ends or split ends. Sometimes it hards for me to comb my own hair so this Natur Hair Mist really helps a lot. Plus, nice scent. I love the smooth sensation when I comb my hair after I spray it!
Biore UV Perfect Spray SPF50 PA++++
Another option that I bought with my was Biore's Spray Sunscreen. Its so versatile and efficient. Just few spray to face, body even hair and you're done! non-sticky and non-odour.
Bio Oil
Since I got many acne scar and redness I currently use Bio-Oil with the hope it can reduce or even heal it. I also massage my skin using this product. Still far from good but some of my dark spot fade. Hopefully I can do full review about this.



Sulwhasoo Evenfair Perfecting Cushion
My current daily cushion. Medium coverage and dewy finish but dry my skin a little luckily it still can be fix by using facespray and re-apply it but since I rarely use face spray I spray tiny amount of water and its enough! Cushion comes in handy on travel since I don't really wanna waste time but still wanna looks good.
Heavy Rotation Brow Powder
Comes in 3 colour and tiny brush. Not only it got my selection of brow colour (dark brown) I can use the other as nose shading. Efficient much, no?
CANMAKE Cream Cheek CL01 & CL04
For cheeks I always stuck between 2colour betwwen pink or red hence not only when I travel but I also brought these 2 colour everday and use colours to suite my lipstick. I really recommend Canmake Cream Cheek as not only its travel friendly size but the natural result!

Varieties of Lipstick

Sephora Rouge - Mr. Lover
This fuschia recently made is to my must bring liptstick. Not only because of its colour but I totally recommend Sephora's Rouge for those who share the same lips condition like me, dry. Its super hydrating and pigmented! I never had dry chapped lips with this!
YSL Rouge pur Couture - Blood Red
No need much explanation. Red is my colour especially when I'm too lazy to wear make-up red always helps me the most and it also give me confidence the most!
MAKEOVER Ultra Hi-Matte Lipstick - Champagne Rose
At first when I bought it I want a nude colour lipstick but turns out it didn't suite me well. I almost thought I need to give it to friends of mine until I got this idea to use it as tone-down colour for my Etude House's 
Etude House Dear My Darling Lips Talk - Soft Shocking Pink
If I can I want to bring like almost all of my lipstick collection but since its limitted I choose this soft shocking pink as my travel partner too and when it looks to pale on my sometimes I mix it with MAKEOVER to create a pinkish coral colour. Its just a random idea at first but turns out I almost mix both of them as my daily lipstick colour as the result so natural XD

. . . And other mixture or product
Yep, micture of product especially like body soap, lotion and actually travelling is the nice chance to try sample / trial set. Just to know they work best during what those season or not ^.^/

On this upcoming trip I'm gonna bring my The Faceshop Travel Kit that I recenty got as readers from Kawaii Beauty Japan x The Faceshop CC Cushion Launching!

And I also wanna announce another giveaway, yay! Cuz haring is caring, yes? :D 
There'll be 2 set of trial kit from The Faceshop!

This travel set consist of:
1. The Faceshop Seaweed Moisturizing Pack Masque Hydratant
2. The Faceshop Orchid Sensual Body Cleanser
3. The Faceshop Orchid Sensual Body Lotion
4. The Faceshop Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Cream
5. The Faceshop Chia Seed Refresh Cleansing Foam
6. The Faceshop White Seed Real Whitening Essence
7. The Faceshop Power Perfection BB Cream

Interested? Here's how! 
(but sadly its still Indonesia only >____< Hope next time can open an International giveaway)

Nah bagaimana caranya? gampang kok :)
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1. Giveaway ini terbuka untuk siapa aja asalkan berdomisili di Indonesia
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3. Pastikan kalian mengikuti syarat-syarat yang kumention sebelumnya ya
4. Periode 10 Maret - 10 April. Diumumkan pada tanggal 11 April (Senin)

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