How To: Perfume Last Longer

February 04, 2016

I love perfume and actually collect it. Used it everyday and depends on my mood of which to use. I have like 9 EDP bottle and 1 EDP roll which was Victoria's Secret Winter Edition Bombshell that I always put inside my bag.

Since the size quite small and I quite like it I wish that it could last long that I follow this tips that I got online, by applying it on your pulse point! as it was the optimum part of our body as since its warmer there and able to enhance the scent!

Apply it a little on back side of your wrist and dab it lighty. Voila! you're ready.I really helps for you who often meet and shake people's hand or, just like me, I love to nice smell. Its like a mood booster to me thats my this part is my fav part, lol

Back of Ear
It seems useless but there's actually warmest area that it can enhance the fragrance too and beside maybe its good for girls with couples, lol XD. Or if you use spray one you can just simply spray it on your hair as some article said it also stay long on hair ha-ha!

Inside Elbow
When you apply it behind the wrist then inside elbow, its like almost whole hand and it will emits more scent and as more hydrated our skin it last longer!

Behind knees 
Don't forget lower part of body then voila~! head to toe ready :D
At first I didn't believe this trick until I try it myself. It last longer for bottled perfume (EDP) simply because I spray it more than it should be in comparison with roll on perfume. There're many more tips in the internet the feet and belly button but so far this pulse point that I mention on this post suit me most! :D
Hope it helps~!  

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