January 24, 2016

A woman meets a poppy. On contact, she turns into a fairy. Together, they enchant the city, put a smile on people’s face, make the world more beautiful. Such is the power of this singular, activist, fragile yet strong flower.
~ Kenzo The Power of a Flower

Who didn't know Kenzo?
Famous in fashion while in beauty sphere famous for its Flower by Kenzo Fragrance. It been there from long time ago that I couldn't remember when but for sure, its the first luxury brand perfume that I *ehem* secretly use from my cousin's perfume collection because of its unique, slim and fragile bottle.

From then on Flower by Kenzo become my favourite because of its fresh and subtle scent, with hint of sweetness. I got the chance to try few of the flower series but the original signature one always win my attention as it represents me. The bottle made it to my collection list lol. Eventhough its only white bottle with different design of the poppy flower.

After 15 years providing women with their timeless scent in this anniversary too they officially launch Flower by Kenzo L'Elixir in Indonesia! and first time ever the perfume bottle in red. Which, I'm hype about it as red is my colour.

Do you know the bewitching power of the poppy? A precious flower, with invaluable vitality. Its bloom conceals a vibrant sensuality, revealing the essence of women, their most captivating facet. FLOWER BY KENZO L'Elixir celebrates this femininity with a gourmand floral fragrance. The delicious raspberry note and Bulgarian rose essence compose a subtle and refined alchemy, while the bourbon vanilla and praline distil a sensual addiction

If the usualy Flower by Kenzo give out hint of sweetness, L'ELIXIR (in my opinion) completely different. Its sweet yet soft as if give out this fragile yet strong and active image to someone.

It comes in 3 size 30ml, 50ml and 100ml. The price obviously a little bit pricier from the usual Flower by Kenzo but considering the new concept and especially if you like something sweet and feminine you can give it a try!

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