January 02, 2016

People around me know that I love dessert. Especially pudding, tradtional chinese dessert, dark chocolate cake, fruit tarts and cheesecake! If there's chance I wish I could eat it every day rather than rice but its impossible cuz its not balance and it cause diabetes, LoL

I actually too, rarely bought sliced cake as we are just family of 3 and our fridge are too small to put desserts as their box tends to take much space and usually its only me who eat sweets but when I went to Central Park some time ago I saw there was this Japan Travel fair and DORÉ by LeTAO had their own booth there!

I knew this cheesecake from instagram and would like to try it if they have their own store. I bought it when I went to some Japan fair and sadly when I asked them they only sell their cheesecake online and when I ask will they have an official store here the sales answered (hopefully) they open their first store in Plaza Indonesia on 2016!

Have I mentioned cheesecake?
Yep! its what they famous for. LeTAO is one of the famous and popular confectionery companies in Hokkaido famous for their Fromage Double(ドゥーブルブルフロマージュ); double layered cheesecake with baked cream cheese and no-bake mascarpone. It has more varieties there which awaken my curiosity but for now I quite enjoy this one

For people like me who love sweet dessert especially cheesecake will definitely like it as not only it taste super good but the texture was so soft, fluffy and creamy. Its so expensive yet delicious that I eat with slowly and hoping it could last for at least 5days (and yes I did it, lol!). As far as I remember the price was IDR 250.000 but the deliciousness worth it and lucky me since my parent didn't really like sweets I ate almost 3/4 of it, lol!

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