Anna Sui Pencil Eyeliner #01

December 11, 2015

When I said I'm newbie in eyeliner, I really meant it. I don't know what to buy that sometimes I just walk randomly on department store and see which brand attract me and apparently my eyes was on Anna Sui's counter. Maybe because I already fall in love with the fashion line since I'm still at college and Anna Sui became one of my favourite designer ever since. The beauty line packaging also attract me with its whimsical design. Maybe that's the reason I decided to bought this Anna Sui Pencil Eyeliner without second thought. 

As usual obviously it shaped of a pencil with the brand name, addition of the some floral engraving and iconic Anna Sui's rose shaped cap made it even more girly and whimsical. Couldn't complain much about it rather than a simple pencil liner packaging this kind of design at least worth my money lol

Its more like a crayon than regular pencil liner as you can see from the thick tip. The more you use it the more you need to sharpen and when it meets the Anna Sui florally logo there goes my tear! It cost around IDR 130.000 (CMIIW)

Really Anna Sui, I wish I had more money to collect your things rather than use it

Perfomance was quite good. Its glides smoothly. Colour wise reminds of me the arabian kohl. So pigmented. The downpart from this product is just not smudgeproof that I to use eyeprimer for at least it last about 3-4hours.

Overall I like the pigmented result and design sadly it didn't last that long and its so expensive in my opinion but again, I prefer it as my collection because its Anna Sui! I can't resist the packaging :)