Tony Moly Water Jelly Tint #01

November 16, 2015

What kind of lip product that suite you? Something glossy or something matte? or perhaps natural? As for me I prefer natural finish. By mean, a little bit glossy or give those well hydrated lip! That's why most of time I always use lipbalm then matte lipstick then dab bit of lipbalm again. 

I've tried tint once and it dried my lip that I didn't take any interest on it anymore untill one day I saw this college friend of mine use this Tony Moly Water Jelly Tint. It gave her nice healthy lip that I decided to buy one for myself lol. I also knew that this Tony Moly brand became so popular thanks to the K-Pop drama Boys Before Flower whose actress famous for her natural gradient lip!

It claims as gel-based tint, non-sticky and moisture our lip. I bought mine in #01 which was Pomegranate Berry. Darker than the #02 that somewhat pinkis as I want something dark once in a while. Packaging wise, wrapped it plastic tube with only important description such as product's name, colour and small Pomegranate picture.

Texture as seen, so jelly like and the dark colour reminds me of fake blood colour dunno why, lol. The applicator suprised me as its kinda bend a little that I almost thought mine was broken and when I blogwalking, found out that it actually like that.

Close-up of the applicator. No different than any other's. This tint smells nice actually more like candy than floral. It also spread nicely on my lip or in this case you can see the swatch on back of my hand. Surprisingly the jelly-like texture do like those kind of jelly with lots of water that even by touch of finger it breaks into water (ok strange description but that's what actually it is, lol!)

Staying power didn't last that long, around 2hours maybe? especially after I ate the colour fade right away but it didn't disappear for the whole day. Result in much smooth and natural colour than first application. Looks bold. What I like is that it reall does hydrate my lip but when after few hours especially when it fade it kinda made my lip dry a little.

Another usage of tint is that as blush. I once or twice use it as blush but turns out the colour was major no on me as its too dark but give natural result and stay for the whole day! Maybe should've pick the #02 Pink~

So far this product give me so-so impression. 
Cheap? yes 
Repurchase? different shade!