Lancome Teint Miracle

October 06, 2015

I'm not into foundation actually since the first make-up base that I knew was BB Cream and at that time my skin was far more worse than now. I only reason I choose BB Cream back then because it was recommended for acne-prone / sensitive skin. It was around 2008, during my high school time and at that time too, I knew about this Lancome Teint Miracle from a local beauty event.

It became hype after most beauty magazine wrote it as Kate Middleton's must have item! even the Lancome BA keeps saying this when I just came around to take my goodie bag, LoL

I also prefer BB Cushion than foundation until recently I decided to purchased this as I'm quite impressed with the sample that I got few years back.

Packaging wise was made from glass and I'm not a fan of it since its not travel friendly and I need to move it to small/contact lens container when I need it but I quite like the pump idea for the sake of hygiene. My tone was #04 and strangely its quite hard to find here. I even went to 2-3 store and at the last one this shade almost sold out!

What I like most from western product was that I got variety of shade to match with while, especially Korean's product always kinda too bright on me. The #04 match my skintone perfectly!

In my opinion this foundation gave medium coverage. I need only small amount to cover imperfection such as dark spot and small pimple, excluding the big one. Now a day I tend to apply thinner and thinner make-up unlike before and this foundation suite me well, I don't apply any powder as it gave this matte finish and long lasting, for about 6hours but it makes my T-Zone quite oily.

Eventhough it gave perfume smell which I hate it didn't cause me any breakout. Thanks to this foundation now I prefer this over my BBC / Cushion. I even plan to repurchase it if I ran out of it since its THAT GOOD, but I still use them tho, especially BB Cushion as its more practical XD~

Well, that's it for this post. Hope it helps! ^.^/