Biore UV Perfect Spray SPF50+

October 12, 2015

For those who followed my blog knew that I'm currently a HUGE fans of skincare especially one that related to UVcare. I fall in love with their UV variant because of their cheap, affordable price and non-stickiness. Biore immediately made it to my HG list!

On this post I'm gonna talk about this convenient UV care from Biore, Biore UV Perfect Spray SPF50+. Yup, Spray. Faster and convenient!

I bought this product when I went to HK (like always, to repurchase this and that). Its been a while since I used lotion type sunscreen and truth to be told, I'm not that diligent. There're time that I forgot about it that I always have spare to put on car and office, LoL. There're time too when I'm too lazy to apply it when I woke up late and should rush to my office. Hence this spray perfect for when I have clumsy / hectic morning.

It comes in baby blue metal bottle with cap, simple or almost nothing written except necessary information which, I found kinda boring. The size itself was quite travel friendly, almost twice as tall as my iPhone 5.

What I like most about this product was the multi-functionality and what it claims. SPF50+ and PA++++ can be apply on face, body and hair. Plus its colourless and have this light floral fragrance that I like. Sometimes I also reapply on top of my makeup just to make sure I got sun protection on, LoL. The only down side of this product was that sometimes I spray too much just to make sure its enough but apparently I don't how much is enough that this spray only last about 2months or less but neverthless I'm still gonna repurchase it!

And when I said its good, it really THAT GOOD that I bought some other variant for body & face. I actually have another one for sensitive skin but I left it on office for spare _ _;;. Once again Biore's product made it to my HG list~ So, what's our fav suncare product? :)