Sulwhasoo Evenfair Perfecting Cushion SPF 50/PA #23 Pink Beige

August 26, 2015

Actually, the last time I reviewed about Laneige Snow Cushion, mine was almost over and I need to replaced A.S.A.P and hence I went to the nearest counter available but the BA was too busy with other customer and my friend and I were quite impatient so I hopped my attention to Sulwhasoo's counter!

I knew this brand since last year, at the same time with Laneige. Eventhough review said it gives more coverage than Laneige's but since its too expensive for me I choose Laneige back then. IMO, Its quite pricey eventhough refill pack was given. Almost double from Laneige's! 

Sulwhasoo Cushion available in 4shades; 
13. Light Pink
21. Medium Pink
23. Medium Beige
25. Deep Beige

I consult and tried swatch of the product on my cheek beforehand and decided that #21. Medium Pink suit me best until the next day when I try it again its too light for me! Should've buy the #23. Medium Beige one. I end up always add another layer of powder which darker than the cushion --a

Since Sulwhasoo was more to premium range, packaging wise was way more elegant than any other that I had before. Ecru with hint of gold, brown sponge to match their brand background and obviously the rest of it same as any other cushion sold in market. Rounded, provided with special sponge, pull the backside to refill.

It looks darker in the packaging and sponge but really, its too light for me. Eventhough my face brighter than it used to be (thanks to all those brightening product and sunscreen). Oh almost forgot to mention, they got SPF50! how could I say no to high SPF la?!

Just like their claim, it really does have medium coverage, fills my pore nicely and dewy finish. It lasted more than 6hours but leave dry patches on my nose and oily cheeks, that's the sign I need to re-apply it. The important part was that it didn't fade. Product scent was so full of herb. . . in a nice way, but what's important after whole day of using I had bad experience on after application scent. I should admit that this leave no bad scent! nice result, no breakout, but wrong colour. What a shame =___=;;

Overall I'm quite satisfied with the result and durability of this product except the price. Still too expensive for me, especially I bought the wrong colour XD;;. Not sure should sell it or use it la~ 

If only I got much money I definitely gonna repurchase it!
Well, hope this review helps those of you who want a premium beauty brand cushion with nice dewy finish and medium coverage! ^.^