Tony Moly Lovely Eyebrow Pencil #04-Brown

July 28, 2015

I've been using make-up since I'm on senior high but from all of my make-up collection mostly were powder, foundation, primer, anything to achieve that flawless look! and since I always keep my fringe I found it kinda useless to draw eye-brow. It can't be seen anyway! Till' one day I got shoot on some candid and its like I don't have any confidence, plain and such.

Since then I start to draw my eye-brow eventhough not as good as the other but its better than looking plain .___. Tony Moly Lovely Eyebrow was my first eye-brow product that I have! Simply because I'm not that good yet I prefer the one that provide spoolie. In case it I draw it too bold!I love bold eye-brow but, I still don't have the confident to draw one :v

Tony Moly Lovely Eyebrow Pencil give us some colour choices. I think its a good idea as more people colour their hair now-a-day and sometimes even when the colour are pretty much natural, its still hard to find the perfect eye-brow pencil!

1. Black
2. Gray
3. Gray Brown
4. Brown
5. Black Brown
6. Latte Brown

Mine in #04-Brown as I'm still new and need something to match my red hair. Another reason to buy beside the spoolie was the retractable pencil save my time rather than the regular one! no sharpen needed!


Colour wise, I think for some people it might be too thin / less pigmented as the texture of the pencil was crayon-waxy and rounded shape, but as a beginner I prefer it this way cuz I can layer it if I think its not enough. Although it claims as brown, its more to orange-brown in which quite lucky for me. My hair turns kinda orangey after several wash, LoL.

Staying power was quite good. Its stays whole day but don't expect to be waterproof. You need another different product but its enough la~ I don't use make-up for swimming, lol. Just be sure don't smudge it as turns out it disappear quickly! 

My impression on this product was good. Maybe because it's my first eye-brow product? Not sure about it but it do really give a beginner like me a good time! Especially the spoolie which helps me comb my eye-brow or smudge it to give a natural look :)

So, do you have any recommendation maybe? ^.^