Skin Aqua UV Sunscreen

July 13, 2015

Summer's here~ summer's here~
or, its almost peak of summer?
What's your beauty must when summer approach?

Well, summer or not I always have this beauty essential with me;


I realized by time that my skin become more and more sensitive toward sun rays. Just having a stroll for on Singapore's sunny day for 30mins I got some sunspot and bit darker. What upset me most, it didn't heal fast like it used to (age problem, maybe?)

Another reason, do you know that if you diligently apply suncare your skin gonna look younger? at first don't believe it but then I have this one friend who, at first I thought so hyperbolic. She apply sunscreen everytime she go out, not just once and wear hat plus use umbrella but year after that she looks amazingly young O_o 

Anyway, since then, my skincare are most about sun-care and brightening. Even for a short errand such as going to my neighbourhood (which on few pace la) I apply sunscreen. That, is how much I'm so into healing those sun-spot and un-even tone (for real, I have like 4tone of skin colour on my leg)

I've been trying few suncare product from the western brand to asian brand. So far I still trust Japan's. Its not that the other brand are bad but since I have asian skin so I target my beauty good's from either Korea or Japan. As far as I know too, Japan got plenty of cheap, affordable drugstore beauty LoL

So, on this post I'm gonna give my short review of Skin Aqua's Suncare that I got from their event some time ago. Skin Aqua itself entered out Indonesia's market for quite some time already!

Just like before, they still have 4 variant;

1. UV Whitening Milk : Lightening & Moisturizing
2. UV Moisture Milk : Longer UV Protection
3. UV Moisture Gel : Normal to Oily Skin
4. UV Mild Milk : Dry to Sensitive Skin

The packaging itself is still the same but this time, they got their ingredient improve for asian skin! it stays much longer than the previous' and contain more Hyaluronic Acid! 

What I live most about Skin Aqua: customer skin concern, especially the Dry to Sensitive Skin. Personally its hard for me to find this kind of suncare product as usually they don't have one for sensitive skin.

The whitening and moisturizing part also temps me. IMO, product that have whitening claim tends to dry my skin and I end up need extra moisturizer but Skin Aqua have it in one package, so why say no?

Each variant obviously have different texture. The only similar is that all of them are moisturize our skin and water - like texture except UV Moisture Milk. It feels like pouring an oil, LoL.

Product performance itself is so-so. Fast adsorb, smells nice, moistured my skin quite well although a little bit sticky but since its travel friendly, its ok for me. I have one at my office that, I usually use when I need to run a small errand for like 1-2hours and when I'm back if its too sticky then all what I need to do just wash my hand and apply body lotion after it LoL.

In my opinion, Its still OK to apply it if you have gonna do small activity but no for beach option cause its gonna be real sticky ^^; (sorry Skin Aqua) and if you have skin like mine, sensitive - acne prone. I recommend use the sensitive variant one as it didn't cause me any break out, white head or black head!

I usually recommend Skin Aqua for friends who just start using sunscreen since its an affordable drugstore beauty product and as far as I know Skin Aqua adjust their ingredient so suit Indonesia's women skin condition ^^/

So, what's your favourite sunscreen?