Skin Aqua BB Cream

July 14, 2015

What beauty goods that you use everyday?  
surely if its make-up I tend to choose the light one or even no make-up at all so that my skin can breathe ^^

Continuation of my previous post about Skin Aqua Sunscreen, now they have their own BB Cream which contain SPF too! Skin Aqua really focused on UV care toward skin especially face. Who doesn't like BB Cream? its easy to use and good for everyday need! 

Not only claiming to protect our face from the sun-ray, their new BB Cream also claims to;

- No make-up look for 8hours
- Correct un-even skin tone
- Brighten face complexion
- Maintain skin condition

and suitable for Oily to Dry skin as they got 2type of BB Cream. Perfect Moisture and Perfect Matte

Perfect Moisture: Normal - Dry Skin 
It does said for Normal - Dry Skin and since I have this dry skin I tried this one first. Honestly for me, it didn't hydrate my skin well enough. Just a few minute after application my skin become dry and I need to spray some mist for it. Coverage was medium and perfect for daily wear as I don't want to cover my blemish that much on daily basis and I since its dry on my its gonna be cakey if I apply much more

Perfect Matte: Oily Skin
Obviously not for me, but you guys who have oily skin. At first I though the texture was thick only until I spread it. Eventually its more to the watery side although not as watery the the Perfect Matte. It gives a matte finish without looking cakey but a well-hydrated skin!

Zoom in version on how it perfomance;
above were take immediately after I spread on the back of my hand. As you can see, the perfect matte amaze me! not dry at all and in fact when I try to use it the whole day, strange enough . . . perfect moisture made my skin dry than perfect matte O_O

Another plus point: flash friendly. No white cast!

Eventhough its quite affordable and tone blend well on me, sadly I think its gonna be harder for those skin who are brighter or darker than me since they only have one tone (and well yeah, most Indonesia have yellow-ish tone or sawo matang). This BB Cream too, give break out to my skin as not only it contain parabean but it didn't hydrate me skin well enough when I use it almost everyday 

Overall, I think Skin Aqua BB Cream works best for short moment of daily basis such as, strolling on mall or just your usual normal day in the office as it really does give a natural look with its medium coverage :)

Hope it helps!