Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF50+ PA++

July 22, 2015

Who doesn't love fast make-up?
especially the one that can cover all our skin problem in an instant, light and good for daily basis?


I love love love instant make-up as I need to move fast to do this and that. That's why when I know about BB Cushion last year I was so eager to try and it satisfy my need! the only cushion that I got to try so was Etude's but since my Etude near its end I need to repurchase and suddenly this came to mind

Why not try new one?

Then, I place my interest on Laneige's Snow BB Soothing Cushion. The reason was as simple as I want something that can be purchase at the counter and many of the blogger the I knew had try this!

So, I went to the nearest mall for Lainege's counter and ends up not only buying their BB Cushion, ha-ha!

Laneige's BB Cushion, just like our any other cushion have many benefit like brightening, water resistant and UV protection. The only different is that their Soothing Effect!

They provide 4shades to match Asian skin tone;
#13 True Beige : The beige color with pink tone for clean and clear skin tone
#21 Natural Beige : The calm natural beige for chic and natural skin tone
#23 Sand Beige : The sand beige for healthy and natural skin tone for tanned skin
#31 Brown Beige : The brown beige for naturally healthy skin tone for darker skin

I got mine in #23 Sand Beige to match my yellowish-tan skin tone plus, when I bought it,apparently they also give another refill pack which in my opinion quite reasonable for the price! Lucky yay! Packaging wise, undoubtedly rounded compact and white plastic to match their Snow concept. 

For someone love to do everything in an instant I prefer BB Cushion than normal compact powder or foundation as it works much more faster than the other option. Especially when I have a sudden office meeting! all I need just wash my face apply some moisturizer and use this cushion!

Film are given for hygiene and durability issue. So its quite fine. I mean, there's some product that they do have expiry date and we should follow it while on this the durability counts when we open the film!

Cushion looks like most on the market, lol

Another reason to like, the provide new sponge in the refill pack too! I quite like this idea as whenever I finished my BB Cushion my sponge ends up kinda torn and Cushion sponge different than normal powder sponge. We need to buy the cushion to get the sponge.

And, as the puff design specially for BB Cushion its highly recommended not to use it on another product!

Above swatches on hand, 2layer of application. As you can see it gives a medium coverage on bug bites and that applies on my face too. I ends up use less concealer everytime I use it especially when my face on good condition!

I'm on my second purchase and so far, I need to have this on my make-up pouch! instant flawless result yet long last. Brightening yet moisturizing ! I can't find any bad from it yet, but since I'm already on my second purchase I prefer to buy another brand cuz I'm just too curious XD~