Panasonic Saturday

March 22, 2015

Hi y'll! how's your day? 
did anybody miss me? LoL

I've been too busy and concentrating with my current job that *ahem* I forgot about my blog. I actually edited and upload some product for review purpose but stuck on the writing. So anyway its been long since my last beauty event and met my social media friends that, when I received invitation from #PanasonicBeautyID and Female Daily about this Discover the Future of Beauty with Panasonic Beauty I was so excited although the the event venue kinda far from my home

We're informed to wear fuchsia as our dresscode since it's the brand colour. Luckily once made fuchsia peplum top for my college assignment. Its supposed to be morning event yet I arrived late to Female Daily HQ cox I see the time wrong la. Clumsy me, clumsy me. . .

Anyway, since its so late already, and as you know its beauty blogger event. All the beauty enthusiast gathers in one place and boom! its more like beauty lab where we try this and that, LoL

Honestly, when its about Panasonic in beauty I always thought they only sell hair dryer or curler but in this event I just realize that actually they have lot. Like, A LOT. Panasonic prepared not only one beauty gadget but lots of la! All gadget were divided into different section that we could just walk from one section to another. So, here I'll share some of the gadget that interest me!

Hair Station
Hair Dryer EH-NA45 
I know only a little about nanoe. That is, its good for especially dry skin. So, when I saw so many nanoe related things in this event, it builds my curiosity because the only nanoe that I know was the 2014 hyped beauty product, the nanoe face spray, HA! One of it was this Hair Dryer. Y'know hair dryer tends to make our hair dry but not only this completed with nanoe to moisture our hair cuticle but the ion platinum protect our hair from UV heat! say goodbye to dry scalp that creates dandruff (gosh, I need it much!)

Compact Multi Straightener EH-HW17
Unlike its hair dryer, this straightener was coated with ceramic coat that helps to prevent dry hair. Surprisingly when I turn it on, I didn't wait long enough like, under 10sec I think. What I most like from this pink baby (yeah beside the colour pink) is that it comes with cap and automatic turn off if we leave it unused for 1hour. Suites clumsy and wants everything to be fast people like me

Face Station 
Facial Ionic Steamer EH-SA31VP
Yup, this is what I mean nanoe for face. I love love love steaming my face for the sake of deep cleansing. Moreover this one completed with nanoe particle, can boost my dry skin la! 6minutes mini spa perfect for my tight schedule!

Face-Hair Ionizer EH-SA42
and another one with nanoe yet, this one a bit different. This act more like air filter. Place it near our office desk and it gives out nanoe particle thats good for hair and skin. Personally its a good investment for someone with tight schedule like me since this device last 8hours! So I can work like horse while having this to treat me beside me. Not only travel friendly, shape wise its kinda amusing/cute, similar to projector XD~

Pore Cleanser EH-2513
Remember when we do facial they suck our black-head after steamed our face? it made me wonder did someone sell that kind of device out there and, when I saw this one I immediately remembered that mom had it once! (minus the mist). I think its a complete if I have the face steamer and this pore cleanser, I can suck those blackhead twice a week. I have this big pore and those blackhead are like easy come hard go. Even when I did facial every two week the beauty staff still confused why there's lot of it

Mobile Station
Heated Eyelash Curler EG-SE60VP
Actually tried this our of curious unexpectedly turns out made me wishing for longer eyelash but luckily this 360 rotating heated comb can be use on eyelash too. Love the colour red and pink plus its design that resemble mascara's packaging! unlike usual the usual manual eyelash curler kinda took-up space in my beauty pouch!

And that's a wrap of my one day experience with Panasonic beauty! So many product that become my wish list especially the face steamer. Thanks so much Female Daily and Panasonic Indonesia for this lovely weekend getaway :)

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