Bravura & Graziozo

October 13, 2014

Hi y'll! on this post am gonna share my last design on college that was shown on graduation show last April!

It was pretty much inspired by the Baroque Era. Reason was, not only its on trend but I also have this bias on Historical Era like Baroque, Rococo, Victorian and Elizabethan. I just can't resist all those pompadour, frill, grandeur, bold, vibrant and elaborated design!

The title on the moodboard, Bravura & Graziozo means Bold and Grandeurs in classical music term. 

I pretty much having so much fun doing this although there're some hard time too but again, since this is what I love, its much much more easier XD~

Well anyway, less talk and just jump to the photoshoot shall we? ^.^/

Studio and Photographer : JMS Studio
Make-up : Megautari Anjani
Model : Nichol
Minor lightning editing: Me