Snail White

September 11, 2014

Olla beauties! 

seems like Thailand beauty product have took beauty bloggers attention recently, huh? There's like, bunch of it but from all, I had my eyes on Namu's Snail White. Well actually I had my eyes on Snail related beauty product since last year, I think? and got the chance to try one at last as I've been contemplating on which brand to buy lol. Blame all those Korean beauty brand. One produce it then come another :p

Snail mucus claims to hydrates skin, rich in collagen, fades dark spot, tighten and brighten face complexion hence it gives out healthy glow just like the korean ladies. Namu's Snail white also a big hit in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and even western region like the USA! I bought mine when I went to Hong Kong at Bonjour (Beauty Store like I prefer to buy the product on my own rather than waiting on some online shopping. I could forget about it sometimes, haha!

It comes in a bulky glass jar that, obviously not travel friendly but hey! it has this new pump-up innovation. More hygienic and IMO slow down the changes in product texture, I mean air could affect product stability or consistency, no? 

Texture itself was silky sticky white with some weird smells. Reminds me of my parent's anointing oil, but strangely it absorb faster than I think! It recommend to apply it using pat motion. I could feel a cool and refreshing sensation from it.

Using this as secondary moisturizer at first since am not sure it could hydrates my face but then I dare myself to use this as my only moisturizer after serum. Amazingly my face didn't dry. Like, whole day! I was so shocked la! and not only me, my friends said my face looks healthier, brighten and tighten too or to put it simple, it doesn't look so dull (while I said it all because of the yoga too, lol). As for the dark spot I don't really see any improvement but overall, I'm quite satisfied with the result ^.^/! It took me around 2 weeks to see the result on my face. Definitely gonna repurchase this when I'm back to Hong Kong or maybe if I could find cheaper supplier here :3

Well, adios and see you on my next post ! ^.^/
Hope it helps!