Pond's White Beauty Journey

September 25, 2014

Hi ya'll!

Lemme ask you a question. 
What's your first beauty product that you knew or used? 

For me, its Ponds. Simply because I used to be a tomboy that never care much about my look, the only beauty product that I knew were those on the TV Ads and during my junior high to senior high the only the only beauty ads that attract me was Ponds because. . . I don't know. It seems like its the right choice for teens and hence when I start having this "awareness" in me I bought my first beauty product which was Ponds Perfect Matte. Its like Pond's been there even far before I start using it and that's also why I choose it, promising.

I always thought that me and Pond's share the same age and guess what I almost correct when I received Pond's 25th anniversary from Female Daily. We're just like, few year apart, LoL. Without any further consideration I agreed to join the event which was held at Hotel Mulia last Tuesday.

The event itself focused on Pond's journey in Indonesia, their brand concept and image and as well as their market growth in Asia over this past few year. Met so many familiar face there. I don't know how to describe it but, most blogger there share the same age as me and obviously we know and use Pond's for at least once! so it feels so cozy and welcoming too ^.^/ nice friends, host and of course, the food (like, where else I could taste a 5stars hotel's perkedel LoL!!)

Anyway, in this celebration Pond's too, invite us to join their inspirational campaign where we, Indonesian women share our story with Pond's and what is beauty according to us. Not only because Pond's is Indonesia' product but based on survey most of us, Indonesia's women realized that we have heterogeneous beauty and proud of it! This, I agree. I used to be not so proud of becoming an Indonesia's women but eventually I grew up and learn my things, experience our legacy, cultural and beauty. I really should thanks my major and my work in which, they play big role on it. Its great that Pond's understand Diverse Beauty of Indonesia's female. Be sure to join to share your stories too ^.^ 

Had I mentioned before that Pond's been there for 25years and obviously everyone use it for at least once? yep, Having that in mind, blogger who sat on the same table were asked to share their story via scrapbook games. Been long time since my last's and since I don't know what to do I just take picture of our group and so simple stuff like tearing things, ROFL.

Its so much been teaming up with Gabby, Ivonne, Catra, Putri and Franky! they all so bubbly and spontaneous. I almost have jaw cramp due to lots of laugh, literally!!

Continuing, Pond's also invited Maudy Ayunda. Most people knew her for her role in Perahu Kertas, but I personally know and love her because of her intellectual brain and beauty. I mean, she's an Oxford graduate, dudeeeee. I love it when she share about her experience when she answered "Beauty doesn't have to be white skin. Its relative and I'm proud with this yellow-ish skin that I have as an Indonesian" to her friends who questioned her why she got a role in beauty ads when she's not silky white. For me, people who's grateful and love themself are the most beautiful and amazing one.

For this past few years too, Pond's been trying their hard to help women's skin to reach their perfection as natural skin and glows is better than too much make-up. Agree not? :)

left-right: Indonesia - China - North America

Representative from Pond's also explain the brand's product development from their beginning to the latest. Apparently, since Pond's also available outside Indonesia they also use different formula to adjust to those specific countries' climate. So, its no wonder that when I go abroad sometimes I was quite confused why Pond's have more variant outside than in Indonesia while its originally from Indonesia. Apparently, that's the answer --a 

That night had gave me so much fun. Definitely worth my time as I got the chance to know Pond's better alongside with friends and watching all those inspirational video.It last from 25 September 2014 until 15 December 2014 at www.kisah.ponds.co.id . Personally gotta join if I knew how to edit videos or take one as - "This campaign is made so Indonesian women can share their beauty journey of caring their skin as a base to achieve anything they want in their life, by doing so, we hope POND'S will keep inspiring Indonesian women and be part of their life's story through array of products and innovation according to their needs"