Dr.Jart+ Ctrl-A Spot Out

September 14, 2014

One of the joy of being a beauty enthusiast is that I get/buy so much product that even most of times some of the product are being dumped to side or even back corner of my cupboard because of the new one, although I had picture of it taken already for review purposes. I got this product like, last year when I attend their launch event  :)

But anyway, lets down to the review first, just like usual then will share my experience regarding this Dr.Jart+ Ctrl-A Spot Out ^.^/

It came in shape of a big tubular plastic with clean and dermatological design but at the same time, reminds me of those old-school stabilo/highlighter lol. The Ctrl-A skincare line claims to be friendly with sensitive skin with its Dermatological tested, Non-Comedogenic and Suitable for Acne-prone skin claims.

(CMIIW) Salicylic Acid good for treating acne and blemishes although it contains alcohol :(. By far when I used it, it leaves this slightly tingling and cool sensation. Texture was in form of a clear transparent  and watery gel which I thought usually this kind of gel could me my face oily but turns out? no. It absorb faster than I think and make the acne spot/bumps area dries a little.

Rather than the packaging design, I'm more attracted to its functionality design such as secure stopper (or on/off) that keeps the product safe from germ and air that might turns the product texture. The tiny 3dots hole reminds of of some futuristic injection on some movies haha XD~

and now, down to my experience ^.^

As last year I'm still into makeup things I forget about this one. Beside, I'm not too concern about my skin condition as its still OK.Then came one day when the next day I had this ID card renewal that needs me be there for interview and picture shoot I suddenly got new acne the night before it! its still new but what annoyed me the most was it near my nose and mouth which, I find it disturbing eventhough there's makeup to conceal it but still, the acne bump can't give me peace la!

The only thing that I could think of at that time was mint toothpaste. So I rush to my cupboard to find the leftover one from my last trip that since it was small, I usually just. . . throw it gently into my cupboard lol (I don't really use mint toothpaste, just. . . dislike it lol) and voila! I found it lying flat with another product piled on it, at the back side of my cupboard --a

I was running out of time and since it claims to clear & Prevent Breakouts, I trust my instinct on this Dr.Jart+ Ctral-A Spot Out. Its really a first try with big hope, finger crossed for the next day and turns out it completely heals my small bumps without leaving any flaky skin! It didn't dry my face unlike any other acne gel. Sadly it needs time to heal big bump, but since then I always use it whenever I have new small acne bumps <3~

Overall happy with this Dr.Jart+ Ctrl-A Spot Out although its kinda hard for me to repurchase it since its not wallet-friendly price LoL

So, what about you guys? have any other S.O.S beauty/skincare product? ^.^