The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

August 24, 2014

Ever experience S.O.S moment where you have your important days like H-2 and suddenly had this big new blemish because of your period or too exhausted and etc...?

I was, once. It's not big days like meeting a client fortunately. The story was, I had a flight to catch up and my face was all so dry, peeled on the nose and cheek area, redness here and there because I listened to the facial lady to use Oil control serum instead of my usual Detox serum!! It's going to worsen if I rode the plane when my face was so dry. It's so dry up there la! I'll end up having a painful skin irritation!

I'm so in panic mode at that time and can't think straight. The only thing I could think of were Tea Tree and Aloe Vera. I immediately rushed out to the nearest mall to purchase this The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil which I used it once during my high school. Sadly, I forgot its good or not on me =_____=;; stupid me la.

It came in a small forest green glass packaging with this nice lockable white plastic cap. Personally, I think it's too small in comparison with the prize. I'm not sure to use it as a daily skin care product, kinda waste of money so I prefer it as my S.O.S . . . or S.M.F (Save My Face) lol.  

Other things that I like about this product was that it's not only its super save because of the cap, its super controllable with the pippet (cmiiw). Could adjust how much I need for my face! The smell was too strong for me, although it claims contain only 15% of Tea Tree Oil. When it says oil, I thought its gonna be oily. Moreover, it contains only 15%, but turns out it just flow like water. It smells like anointment oil that usually our Asian parent use when they're feeling unwell and from the smell itself, I have this feeling it's gonna dry my face.

Apparently my feeling was right. I don't have any problem with it as long as it could help me cure my blemishes and I could moisturize the dry area with my usual moisturizer but turns out it didn't reduces my blemish nor new born acne at all! T____T Instead, my face drier than before for like 2-3 days before my flight. Quite disastrous. But strangely when my dad got an insect bite I just randomly offer him this product and it becomes better on the very next day :/

Dunno what to say but for sure now I remember why I just left my previous bottle and let it expire. Having this acne prone, sensitive and super dry skin could quite troublesome at times >____<

So, Do you guys have any other recommendation? ^.^/