Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense

August 02, 2014

Been in love hate relationship with sunscreen, sunblock, sunspray and whatsoever that simply protect the skin from sunray only. Hence, I got several dark spot on my face and skin eversince I got back from my Singapore trip last May. I panicked, as its the sign of aging, skin not as good as it use to be and dark spot? boo boo!

Am no really familiar with this kind of product and when I did my research, it said that its differ for face and skin. Since I don't know what to buy for my face I simply bought this out of my sibling recommendation. 

Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50+ that claimed to protect skin from UVA & UVB.

This sunscreen had been my most important skincare product after moisturizer! To be exact, everything that protect my skin from the sunray become my important things now! and since I have this super dry face condition, hydrating more preferable than brightening . Let's get down to my review, shall we? :)

Been using this for almost 2 months and honestly, this white tiny dermatological packaging sunscreen gave good impression on me. I applied it after my skincare before my makeup. It didn't ruin my makeup instead, there's once when I used it as my primer cuz I forgot to bring my primer when I traveled few weeks ago. Turned out, pretty good leh! or even better than my primer. My face looks healthier :/

Not only that, this easy to blend, lightweight and watery textured sunscreen also photostable. Say goodbye to white cast! its the first time I use sunscreen and I love it overload, but I'm not pretty sure with medium range price such as IDR 350.000 worth it or not because of the size (although its travel friendly) but since it moisturize my face for the entire day, kinda contemplated between to repurchase it or to buy Japan's suncare product. Its famous there!

So, do you have another recommendation for me? ^.^/