Citra Light-Touch White Japanese Wakame & Pink Orchid Launching + Review

August 16, 2014

Good days, people! how's life? ^.^/

Have you been taking good care of your skin? especially us, who live in Jakarta filled with pollution and extreme sunrays. Bet you know that I've been concentrating on my skincare and keep talking about skincare and healthy body ever since I post about How I Lose Weight. 

I joined Yoga class like couple of weeks ago as I would like to lose more weight and tone up my body and regain my flexibility, LoL. Beside that, Yoga also good for our skin! I used to do simple and basic Yoga with an application for Nintendo DS ^.^/ 

Currently I'm more into taking good care of my skin, protect in from the sunray to lighten it and keep it well hydrates. The most basic part actually, just apply body lotion day and night but since I need to apply sunscreen too, I usually skip my body lotion during the day. You might say just use sunscreen that could brighten skin complexion but sadly I don't really like brightening / whitening product cuz it tends to make my skin dry XD~

Then suddenly one day came an event invitation from Female Daily about this Citra Light-Touch White Japanese Wakame and Korean Pink Orchid. 

Yes, darling the japanese seaweed. Those, seaweed that even us, in chinese and korean culture eat it for healthier skin and hair. The Wakame especially, rich in hyaluronic acid and known to play a role and help maintain the elasticity of the skin becomes soft and smooth. I'm so in love with keeping my skin well hydrates, curiosity got me and moreover, I had heard about how Orchid perform well in brighten the skin complexion!

Held at Hotel Morrissey during an evening of June, I can there as soon as I finished my work. Its my first ever beauty event after I finished college and I almost forgot how it feels socializing with new environment while being served with a nice buffet, LoL!

Well anyway, after an hour of relaxing time the event begun with some performance, presentation and even a demo!

In this launching event, Citra explained why they introduces us another Asian Beauty Secret (Yeap, Citra famous for it!). Its to fulfill the need of new lifestyle and climates. People keeps on evolving with times and different concept of beauty like almost every years? and moreover, women now a day prefer working outside or, what I refer - Active. They also add new formula in both of this new product to make it less sticky and fast absorb. No more reason to not applying body lotion, LoL!

Its so thoughtful of them, keeping up with us women. I strongly agree with it as now I'm out working and sometimes I need to run an errand. I really feel the need of more "strong" product to keep up with the drastic change in climates too! 

First product they present was the Japanese Wakame which I mentioned before. Really intrigued me because of its hydrating then whitening. Consist of Body lotion and. . . Nutri- Serum?

At first I was like, Serum? the one you use for face?! O_____O

Except, this one for body. New things attract me the most. Both work the same different only in price (obviously) and the Serum works 3x faster. FYI, Wakame also contains sea minerals and vitamins that helps to give skin a youthful look!

Second baby that they present was this Korean Pink Orchid. Y'know, these past few years the K-Pop and K-Drama fever been in like, everywhere? and our standard of beauty changes because of that too. We're now more into natural beauty, natural pinkish glow consider as healthy look.

Hence Citra introduces this Korean Pink Orchid that's been the Korean Secret of bright healthy skin for years! This Korean Pink Orchid give a slightly brightening and matte finish because of its' melanin. It available in form of face and moisturizer. 

Its already nice enough to learn about their new product until suddenly they send their new range of product to my home O____O 

Quite confused at first because I don't want to waste lor. And since this is a new launch product too, I decided to share it with my workmates, a non-beauty blogger ^.^/ because they're as busy as I'm and we don't really take good care of our skin and most of time we don't really pay attention to new product, haha! Lucky that I subscribe to blog and websites to know a lil bit la :)

I took what my skin need the most: Hydration -> Wakame Nutri-Serum
And just like what I always said on most of my blogpost, I have this super extreme dry skin. I love to slap more than one product onto my face but sadly not my body. Thanks to this serum, I can do that for my daylight skincare routine! I usually apply my sunscreen after this :)

The texture was watery and just like it claims, a water based gel serum in translucent colour. It smells nice, non-sticky and absorb fast, really fast! They really made it so no more complain about how annoying it was to wait and how sticky it was ^.^/

Skin become so smooth and I think the serum work best on me rather than the body lotion. It keeps my skin more hydrating for quite a long time. Been using it for like almost a month or so. It didn't really whiten the skin BUT it do gives this slightly healthier and brighten skin colour. So I assume that it will work after long term of usage!

friends who I gave this new variant can't stop raving how smooth her skin for two days :/. Especially the Korean Pink Orchid that made her dry-sensitive skin looks so matte, soft and hydrating enough when she apply the moisturizer. Although the cleanser alone could make her feeling tight? Personally, I dislike the Korean Pink Orchid because of its strong smell because usually strong perfume dries my sensitive skin but apparently it different although we share the same skin condition o_____o

In the end, I'm quite satisfied with the new range especially the Wakame! because, again, I don't have reason to not applying body lotion, LoL. Especially the Serum helps a lot. Not only it non-stickiness and fast absorb, it also helps my sunscreen absorbs faster. More like, preparing my skin for the next process? XD~

I'm so in rave with this one. Like, really. Its rare for me to like a local product #failindonesian. Thank you Female Daily and Citra Indonesia. So lucky enough could try this new babies and share it with my friends!