Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Mousse SPF50+

August 26, 2014

Sunscreen been important skin care on my daily skin care routine. I rarely skip this. Yeap, rarely, because I forgot about it sometimes as I slap too much product already in the morning. Maybe I should buy an extra and put it inside the car LoL. Well, anyway I post about my Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense once, yes? I love that product very much and hope could use it in long term of time but the price didn't suit me well. Should say goodbye soon and get a cheaper alternative. Quite confused what to buy, but I know for sure I should buy Japanese Sunscreen product because the Japanese quite famous for it considering they have 4 season and the summer there was striking hot!

There're few options but I decided to buy this Biore UV Aqua Rich SPF50+. Just, because its Biore. This brand has been there since my childhood, although I just knew recently they have the sunscreen line too =___=;;. Decided to bought the SPF50+ for my face. It's the maximum SPF that I recommend as not only it gets expensive the higher the it was, it also pointless according to what I watched on Beauty Bible. It's better to slap decent enough of it XD~

Skip the product design, shall we? because IMO its the same like any other western sunblock/sunscreen. Plastic tube and squeeze. The only difference is just small and sleek. Again, not a very big fan of product packaging. A cute, colourful one just a plus point for the eyes, lol.

What it claims:
Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Mousse SPF50+ PA+++ (33gr)
With SPF 50+/PA+++, Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Mousse provides strong and long-lasting double protection against UVA and UVB rays. It contains Aqua Micro Capsules which release ‘water-like’ moisture, leaving skin feeling light, cool, healthy and hydrated. Its texture is non-sticky and non-greasy while it spreads easily and is quickly absorbed by skin. It works as a smooth makeup base to prepare skin for the makeup regimen.

I strongly agree. All of it. In compare to most of the western sunscreen/sunblock this sunscreen was all new to me. The white watery mousse texture that it reminds me of Shu Uemura's Poreraser when I rub it. I usually use it after I finish all my skincare like toner, lotion, moisturizer (now you know why I could forget to apply this when I'm in a hurry). It smells refreshingly nice and being a Hyaluronic Acid lovers, I suspect its there. I have this fresh sensation when I apply it. You know, those refreshing feel when you just wash your face ^.^/

The most that I like about this product is that the non-sticky and non-greasy unlike western sunscreen/sunblock. Also, fast absorbing and I replace my makeup primer with it as it really blends well with my makeup just like it claims. Better part,hydrates my skin (know this when I was in hurry and just use this -_-'') and no break-out! 

All-in-all I really recommended this product. It successfully replaces my Kiehl's haha! But I still use my Kiehl's tho. My makeup turns out better on it than with this but anyway, glad to know I found another alternative ^.^/