Indonesia's Heritage - Jakarta Food and Fashion Festival 2014

June 01, 2014

Hi y'll! this gonna be my first post on June! wish you all have a better June than May, LoL :)

This time gonna blog about Jakarta's annual event called Jakarta Food and Fashion Festival or better known as JFFF/JF3. Just like its name, its all about our local food and culture that translated to fashion by starting to famous veteran designer to young improving designers. As a good citizen that was born and raised at North Jakarta I had followed this annual event since the first one (I think its during my junior high?) and even participate on their Carnaval Night Parade once. And as a fashion conscious and a new born designer, I think its important for me to learn more about my country's culture!

I still remember that the first time I watch and decided to roll in to fashion school was when I watched Esmod's Show in Harris Hotel when I was on my second year of high school. On this post I'll talk more about the fashion part than the food part. Pardon me, if I ramble too much of it!

Fashion Show held on this event was divided into 2venue. The Harris Hotel and MKG3's main hall. While the hotel was for veteran designer and fashion organization show, the main hall was more to public or brand that would like to be exposed/promote. Such as department store's, competition, young and fresh urban brand and fashion institution.

Since I got the chance to choose which show that I wanna attend, undoubtedly I choosed one that held at the hotel by fashion organization/council. Because honestly, its hard for me to get their ticket. More likely to special invitation? :) Usually organization like IPMI (Ikatan Perancang Mode Indonesia) and CTI (Cita Tenun Indonesia) present originally made in Indonesia's theme and culture! and another show that I choosed was by the Young Indonesia's Designer. Its always nice to see young and creative designer show off their skill and trade mark design. And also because they're young (about in their 20s-30s) its motivate me to do and learn more! usually it refresh my mind from all those hectic damn work that I had. I mean, its fun, y'know! imagine what if my pieces could enter the runway again. Those 15minutes of happiness erase all those months of cry in tear and blood!

Well, let's cut my crap and on to the show, shall we? :)

Jalinan Lungsi Pakan - Cita Tenun Indonesia
Priyo Oktaviano, Didi Buridarjo, Chossy Latu, Stephanus Hamy, Ari Seputra, Era Soekamto, Auguste Soesastro

Were one of Indonesia's Woven Organization (CMIIW) the joined this event alsongside with 8local designer, sponsored by Garuda Indonesia Tbk. Designer were given chances to create their design with our local handwoven fabric and from specific area of Indonesia. Yes, handwoven! manually by our local labour! its one of their method to promote and converse Indonesia's Heritage. Participating designer were Ari Seputra ( Lombok ), Auguste Soesastro ( Bali ), Barli Asmara ( Garut ), Didi Budiarjo ( Bali ), Era Soekamto ( Baduy ), Priyo Oktaviano ( Sambas ), Stephanus Hamy ( Sulawesi ), Chossy Latu ( Nagari Halaban ).

I personally loved Priyo's and Auguste's! Priyo present his lady like evening collection with Paris to Sambas theme, completed with his amazing video presentation (I really recommend you to stream it on YouTube!), Auguste showed his clean and loose fitting of his Bali Woven ready-to-wear collection. Both were so my style of clothing :) Another that I like was Stephanus Hamy's. Sadly I couldn't catch side view of his collection but he made the nicest sleeve jacket *0*!! Althought the model didn't just hang the jacket on her shoulder, the sleeve look extremely nice. Trust me, nice fitting garment could be seen from its sleeve la! *nerdalert*.

Kain Negri - IPMI
Yogie Pratama, Era Soekamto, Sjamsidar Isa, Mel Ahyar, Yongki Budisutisa

Ikatan Perancang Mode Indonesia or Indonesia's Mode Council (CMIIW). Another on my anticipating must watch list during this JFFF event. Each of 6 participating member of IPMI showcased their design, completed with Indonesia's Fabric. Participating designer were Yongki Budisutisna ( Kawung Pattern ), Era Soekamsto ( Iwan Tirta Batik Collection ), Barli Asmara ( Garut Woven ), Carmanita ( Batik ) and was the first show for their new members, Mel Ahyar (Sulam Usus Lampung ) and Yogie Pratama ( Makassar Woven ).

Mel Ahyar and Era Soekamsto's were my favourite! well, now you know I love something so lady like and millinery. As expected from Mel Ahyar's Couture line. Evening dress, fit line silhouette with astounding detail. I'm most surprised with the back detail of her collection. Those cut and sewn and sulam usus details made me jaw drop! Made me think where the heck she got her seamstress. While Era Soekamsto's, to be honest not kind of things that I'm gonna like but in my opinion she nailed it. From her design and fabric she had made a nice story. From all the designer I've seen she motivate me to explore local's fabric and culture. Especially when she talked about it during the press conference! :) Her theme was a strong independent woman and without losing touch of feminity. Again, she nailed it! 

Trendology - Young Establish Designer

POPULO Batik, Friederich Herman, Stella Rissa, Patrick Owen, Rinda Salmun, Yosafat Dwi Kurniawan

Last show that I picked as because, its filled with young designer such as Stella Rissa, Patrick Owen, Ridan Salmun, POPULO Batik and my another must to watch designer, Friederich Herman and Yosafawat Dwi Kurniawan. Its another new excitement to see young motivator and fresh ideas. This show were all about edgy, modern cut and print galore! Most were womenswear starting from ready-to-wear to evening gown but some designer also mix it with menswear!

Stella Rissa


Rinda Salmun

Patrick Owen

Friederich Herman

Yosafat Dwi Kurniawan

Stella Rissa, famous for her ready-to-wear and evening gown design. As far as I remember she always present an elegant and modish design but this time she made it different with more colour twist and combination and triangle cut. She made it more modish than before. On the another side while the other have their print galore and colourfulfabric, POPULO Batik made batik more desirable (for me) with its monochrome colour and present it on his womens and mens' ready-to-wear collection. This Monochrome colour also used by Friederich Herman on his modern, chic and edgy design. I always adore how Friederich plays with cutting and fabric combination that he could bring it to the next level! Another design that took my breath was by Yosafat Dwi Kurniawan's. He play with prints and embelishment and in my opinion he balance it well without too much print or too much in embelishment. Cute dress, modish coat, trendy menswear knitwear. I've been curious about this collection from eversince I saw some spoiler from his instagram of his Paris' showcase. Trendology was quite mind blowing for me. Seeing all those currently a hot topic in town (or even globally?) young designer presenting the global trend, brought it to Indonesia's runway with their characteristic design! I'm in awe!

Thank you BBLOG Indonesia and Jakarta Food and Fashion Festival for the chances given! its been a nice and inspiring week before I return to work next week!

*photo courtesy of Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival Facebook. I do took a shot of the show but to make it short, I better use the lineup picture of the designer's collection! :)