How I Lose Weight (+/- 7kgs)

May 22, 2014

Hi y'll! how's life? 

Eversince I graduated last April, I've been busy with my internship and it finished on time that I could spend time together with my friends at Singapore! its my first trip abroad with friends :) I'm planning to start working on June and before that I still have time to enjoy life, lol

Well, anyway on this post I'm gonna share my diet routine/activity that I had been doing from last December! I lost about 7kgs since (and still need to until I achieve 39kgs!!) bare with me, its gonna be a long long long post. I think? but hope it helps! ^.^/

I've been urging to lose weight from last December because of my graduation because I wanna fit in size S, once again LoL. The last time I fit in size S was before I enter college. All this stress and stuff made me hungry and noming without thinking that I went to 50kgs. This time not only I wanna fit in size S, but I also wanna fit in size XS. Wanna feel petite even for once :/. Undoubtedly I can't do any gym activity coz I'm just too lazy. My weekend for fabric hunting, assignment and sleep la LoL. So, I did my research and compare it with my schedule. I also change most of my habit and routines

or Carbohydrates. Yeah I know its important as (CMIIW) its our energy source but what happened if you consumed too much of it? and hence I only eat enough for me to do my activity. For example, if I feel so damn hungry or need energy to do my work I ate only half portion of rice but I add much green than I used to. Plus chicken and fish.

Say goodbye to your regular fried snack or those with MSG. I admit that its yummy and make me full immediately but there's no vitamins or any good from it! only fat and bloated tummy. Instead try to change it to healthy one that low in calories like fruit bar. As for me, I prefer my snack to be healthy and watery. So I eat fruits instead. Sometimes I even bought/took too many fruits since its hard to get full with just fruit but guess what? Not only it contains fiber (rather than calories) but its good for my skin >/////<

By using stairs instead of elevator if you need to run an errand that just like 4 or 5 floor ahead. I can feel it that my stamina keeps on dropping eversince I enter college as there's no PT class anymore and I don't do gym. I still remember how my stamina was quite good before. I don't get tired easily by running 4 lap on my school's field but now? only like 2 or 3 floor drenched my energy!! imagine if your boss told you to run an errand for few times and you took the stair, how many calories you burn already? (not much but better than nothing tho) and it trained your stamina too! :)

Ever feeling hungry so many times in a day? maybe you're not really hungry. Its a fake hungry. Try drink glass of water and see what happen. I drink much water than I used to right now eversince I start this diet. Its only to make sure whether I'm really hungry before break time or no and apparently its a fake one. Good note, am feeling healthier because water especially green tea clean body's toxin ^.^/

and yeah its hard. But rest assured! you can now download it on your phone! Mine was "My FitnessPal". What I like about this app is that we can identify certain food's calories by scanning the barcode O_O. Don't trust calories written on packaging box! usually its not overall/total numbers :/

(cmiiw) Apple alone could suppress your hunger but lately I just learnt about apple vinegar that said could help you lose weight but suppressing hunger and help burning fat too? simple mix 1tbs of apple vinegar to your glass of water before breakfast/lunch/dinner, but I don't recommend you to take apple vinegar if you have weak stomach :). There're time that I consume apple vinegar in 1month and I lost 2kgs. What's nice about it, it helps you lose weight in long period of time but keep it constant. My auntie actually try this one for years and I can see the result gradually. What surprise me, she's doesn't gain weight since

You should have a motivation to achieve your goals. It doesn't have to be big. Start from simple or even silly one like mine. My goal weight for graduation was 43kgs but that alone didn't motivate me much so I set another motivation which was, I will eat martabak when I reach 43kgs LoL *yesitssosilly*

By skipping your diet if you gain your ideal weight or if you have any special occasion like reunion or celebration! but once in a while tho

Sometimes we assume that this fatty stomach really consist of fat but actually maybe its just bloated? cox we consume too much snack or MSG. Try sucking in your stomach (or by using a straw) either 27times before sleep or every morning when you brush your teeth. Don't be surprise if you burp too many times letting out those air from those oh-so-yummy snack :3

Well, if you wanna see the comparison below was me when 49/50kgs - 45kgs - 43kgs (current weight)

Not really sure you can see it clearly enough, but more importantly, see if from my body not face, rofl. My chubbiness still there eventhough I lose 7kgs T___T *cry*. And yeah I know those awkward cross leg pose really weird but, its my another bad habit that I had since I used to do ballet when I was younger XD~. Gonna update again after I reach 39kgs! ^.^ I admit that its hard but since I want a healthy body and skin I always put that in mind whenever someone offer me some delicious guilty pleasure menu, LoL. 

Anyway, see you on my next post! ^.^