Officially Graduate

April 22, 2014

Just as the title said! I'm officially graduate as 

Diploma of Fashion Design

Couldn't believe that I actually can made it! all thanks to support from my family, lecturers, friends and of course God T__T this major was so hard because of the pressure and tight schedule and many more! but I don't regret entering fashion design major cox I like it so much that I don't wanna give-up half way instead, I still wanna learn more about it O_o. But well anyway, since I graduated  already I should start earn and save money! Many thing that I wanna do like travelling, continue my studies and of course creating my own fashion line ^.^/

Hopefully I can improve much this year! finger crossed that this year I can achieve much and better than last year, yeay! 

Can't wait to post about my mini collection / collection that I present on my graduation day! I'll have a photoshoot and hopefully it went well :)