La Corda d'Oro 3 / 金色のコルダ3 Photoshoot

March 27, 2014

La Corda d'Oro 3 is the newest game in Tecmo Koei Games’ popular series La Corda d'Oro. It was released in 2010. The game is a female-oriented romance simulation game that has the huge characteristic of being centered around classical music. The series began in 2003, and the 10th anniversary was celebrated this year on Sept. 19. Being a hugely popular series, it has a strong fanbase. It can be said that fans have waited a long time for this anime adaptation.
The story takes place eight years after La Corda d'Oro and La Corda d'Oro 2. However, it still takes place at Seisō Academy. The story begins with the main character transferring to Seisō Academy. The main character forms an ensemble with those she becomes friends with at the school, participates in national tournaments, and aims for victory. Through this process, she strengthens her bonds through conversing with her abundantly unique friends and fighting with all she has against her rivals. Of course, love is a major theme. Players can enjoy having romances with the 12 characters who are romance targets. This story of longing will be reproduced in the anime.
Along with the anime adaptation, a comic version of La Corda d'Oro 3 has also been decided upon. The comic will begin serialization in the January issue of the magazine LaLaon sale Nov. 22. The comic is being drawn by manga artist Yuki Kure who is in charge of the anime’s original character designs.
Its a long overdue project with my friend, Vindy. We've been planning this from since I start cosplay. I think its about when I'm on me 2nd year of senior high? But since we're both busy I kinda forget about it until this year when we heard about the announcement of the Anime and Manga version, LoL. My wig was in the wrong colour, blame the seller. I clearly give reference pic of my character =___=;; but anyway, we still did our photoshoot because its been long la! well anyway, enjoy! :)

Hasekawa Nia: Vindy Freschi
Kohinata Kanade: Vheii
Kameko: Ervan Rvn (with minor editing by me :3)