I Want Sweets, That's It!

February 01, 2014

Hi Hello! how's your Chinese New Year and weekend?

I don't really celebrate it since most my fams are in HK that left me with me and my parent. Since we're just a small family we just eat outside during that day! Lucky you who gets more than 2angpaos cuz yeah, I only got 3. 2from mom and dad and another 1 from dad to slip it underneath my pillow for 15days. According to tradition its the parents' wish to bring good luck and safety for their child ^.^/

Anyway, since that day we ate outside and dad (yeah, mom so busy even during CNY >___>) so busy that he don't any restaurant beside chinese cuisine and plus, undoubtfully its gonna packed with people I decided to take him to another place that's more cozy and quite. I took him (no, actually I force him to drive LoL) to Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) since we rarely go there and beside there's so many restaurant that's not available in Jakarta yet LoL

I choosed 2place that day. For a just simple dine and dessert. The first place that we went was Shuchan. At first I thought it was a Japanese cuisine like sushi or ramen but apparently its an Okonomiyaki! so rare to find Okonomiyaki in Jakarta (or probably, Indo) the only Okonomiyaki I had eaten so far were from some random food stall that consist of much flour than the actual squid/beef/chicken or whatever my selection was.

They have various kind of Okonomiyaki there. Some with 2kind of thing some even have 3kind plus noodle! we ordered the pork + squid. Wen can't leave those delicious sweet porky and bouncy squid la! 

When we finished ordering what we want the waitress asked us whether we wan the chef to cook for us or we cook it by ourself! Interesting, yes? feels like in real Japan (eventhough never go there) cuz they said we actually cook our own okonomiyaki there! Since this was our first visit of course we told them to cook it for us la LoL. We wait quite long, imo about 20mins? and I start to doubt the service but it all gone when it was served. 

Again I said, so far the okonomiya that I had tasted had so much flour that mostly I didn't finish it but this one different. Its taste sweet because of the sauce what I like from it, was I know I was eating the pork and squid! y'know sometimes when we buy takoyaki or okonomiya the amount of dought rather much compare to the squid/chicken. The crispy part on the outer layer was eventually a fish dough! I found it to be worthy enough to pay IDR 65.000 to okonomiyaki that I can eat the pork/squid instead of some bland dough la LoL. Plus, do you realize that some Japanese restaurant charge crazy amount of tax and services? like I think its almost 15%? Shuchan didn't charge that high. They charge the standard 10%!

Oh, and there's this funny story. The chef was actually a real Japanese jiisan (oldman) he kind enough to get out from his kitchen and greet the customer. He thought that my dad was a nihonjin and talk nihongo with him but end up I chat with him with my crappy nihongo XD;;~ well, its so broken but I'm quite shocked that I still can speak nihongo after dump my lesson for almost 3year and he praised me too and told us to come again (and told me to speak nihongo again with him as a practice). Definitely will come again for your delicious okonomiyaki and your kind hospitality la >w<!!! 

The second place that we visited was Honey Bean. I always crave for sweet dessert and Taiwan/Chinese/Hong Kong style dessert suit me the best. Since I had try Hong Tang before and beside, its crowded I went to its neighbour. Not really crowded but we can't judge the taste base on that, right?

That ordered the Hot Red Bean while mine was Mango and Coconut Pudding with Fruits. Apparently we can req for different level of the sweetness according to our taste. Both of us agree that we prefer this rather than Hong Tang because of the deepness of the flavour ^.^ we really like and appreciate when someone use their ingredient right. For example for dad's red bean. They boiled it hot enough that it almost crushed it. That created not only nice smell but also deep flavour and naturally sweet. My Manga and Coconut Pudding taste mild sweet and refreshing (and they use golden kiwi, dafuq. Its my fav and more expensive than the green one)

PIK, definitely still has many kind of restaurant that I wanna try. Can't wait for another culinary time there!! my CNY was a happy day since although it just me and dad but at least I have family to spend it with and I ate delicious food! So, how's your holiday peeps? :)